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I'm always impressed when I come across businesses who have passion behind their purpose like today's Friday Fav: 
Eco Modern Concierge
Amy Vance is the founder of Eco Modern Concierge (EMC), a lifestyle management company based in Houston that helps with day-to-day tasks that people either don’t have time for or just don’t want to do.

With a goal of helping others achieve a balance between work and life to alleviate overall stress, they handle everything from professional organizing and personal assistant help to eco-consulting, all while being environmentally conscious. 

Amy first started EMC 11 years ago when she was looking for ways to pay for college and living expenses. As she moved on to grad school, it became her full-time job and then morphed into the company it is today.


Know When to Cut Back 

When Amy had first started EMC she had offered pet and house sitting.

Something that worked great with her college class schedule but as her business progressed, she found it harder to focus and schedule those tasks.
Plus, after she got married, spending nights away from her husband were less enticing. 

Often in business, we can be afraid to "trim away the fat" or drop services and offerings that no longer serve our business. Maybe they were things we did in the beginning and loved them - in Amy's case - or services we offered because it felt like it was the right thing to do at the time. 

Either way, it's ok to end offering services or products that you don't have time for or don't enjoy doing anymore even if they're the things that grew your business in the first place. 

Passions Turned to Profit 

Growing up, Amy was taught conservation. She would often recycle cans for some extra coin and learned not to waste unnecessarily. Clearly, these values stuck with her throughout the years as eco is part (and in the name!) of her business. 

When we think of incorporating our passions into what we do, the first thought tends to be something that is dead on.

For instance, Amy very well could have been an eco scientist or conservationist. And who knows, she'd probably be very successful (and happy) doing it! 

But the thing that we often miss is exactly what Amy's been able to pull off and that's  taking an existing passion and pairing it with a job that you enjoy doing.

For Amy, that was helping people with work/life balance and being less stressed. 

So if you're looking to change careers, start a business or even just level up your game at your current gig - ask yourself which of your passions can you incorporate into your work?

Whether you're into keeping an organized home (and life!) and/or living responsibly, the Eco Modern Concierge blog is a must visit for expert advice and tips. I personally love the before and after photos! 

And with that, I'm heading out for some weekend fun!

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