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It's the Holiday season so party here, there everywhere and who wants to miss a single snapshot? Here's how you can create lasting memories with these 5 best tools in making creative videos.

Not everyone can afford a copy of Adobe Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas Pro. And while there are plenty of desktop video editors out there — on Windows, on Mac, and even on Linux — nothing can beat the accessible-from-anywhere convenience of an online video editor.

What’s surprising is just how many of these Web-based video editors there are, and how many of them just aren’t very good, but the good news is they aren’t all bad. In fact, several are pretty darn good.

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Your calendar is meant for scheduling, your to-do app is meant for listing tasks, right? But given how interdependent these two activities are, that segregation just doesn’t make sense.

Google is now integrating Google Calendar and to-do lists by introducing Reminders.

Reminders will start as a feature on the mobile app for Google Calendar, available for Android and iPhone, but will soon be available on the web version too.

Either way, Google Calendar can be synced across every platform, so this shouldn’t be a big worry.

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