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18 Important Touch Gestures in Windows 10

Microsoft introduced touchpad and touchscreen gestures back in the era of Windows 8, leading a lot of people to wonder if a laptop or tablet was better for these gestures. Things got even murkier with other peripherals like touch-based mice and monitors.

It’s clear that touch wasn’t very useful in Windows 8, but that’s not true at all for Windows 10. Not only did Microsoft bring over all of the basic gestures from Windows 8, but it added several new ones — ones that actually are useful for everyday use. We even dare to call them essential.

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Password Mistakes

How to Avoid the Trojan Horse Update to Internet Explorer 11

Internet Explorer 11 is Microsoft’s latest vehicle to promote Windows 10. This time, the Trojan Horse is a critical security update for Internet Explorer 11, which comes bundled with a non-security-related update that reportedly adds a Windows 10 banner ad to the browser in Windows 7 and 8.1.

In retrospection, this step is not surprising. As Windows 10 is replacing Windows 7 and 8, Microsoft is also decommissioning Internet Explorer (IE) to make space forthe new browser, Microsoft Edge. Why not target IE users and get them to upgrade to Microsoft’s new flagship browser?

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Craig the Computer Geek Tech Tip Tuesday Episode #16

Craig the Computer Geek Tech Tip Tuesday Episode #16
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