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How To Check Your Chrome’s Saved Passwords


Trying to remember passwords is one of the sucky parts of being online. So many online accounts needing to be set up, and that brings with it so many passwords. And since it is now conventional wisdom that you need a strong password, you can’t get away with PASSWORD or 12345.

So when your browser offers you the convenience of a password manager, the offer is too tempting to pass up. Just tell it all your passwords, it will store them for you, sync them for you, and it will even auto-fill the log-in fields for you. What could possibly be the downside?!

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Password Mistakes

Windows 10 : Top 5 Registry Tweaks to Improve & Unlock Features

Windows 10 has several hidden features and settings that reside within the operating system, but can’t be accessed through any normal means. Yet, while some of these tweaks are insignificant, several of them are quite useful.

And because they’re hidden out of sight, the only way to access them is by means of the Windows registry editor.

For the most part, we only break out the registry editor when we need to fix various system errors or when we want to clean out registry junk — but we’ll make an exception here because these tweaks are that hard to pass up.

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Craig the Computer Geek Tech Tip Tuesday Episode #13

Craig the Computer Geek Tech Tip Tuesday Episode #13
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