Your Summer Housing Plan 101
Boston Sublets and Co-op Beyond Boston

Welcome to your 2021 OCHSS subletting and summer plan (online) class! As you plan for fall 2021, you may also be thinking about summer. Are you going on co-op? Home? Or some other awesome adventure? You may be looking to find a sublet or post a sublet. Leases are generally for 12 months, but many students spend time living away from their apartment and the rent still needs to be paid! 
A sublet is a temporary arrangement where the current tenant rents out their apartment or room to another person while their name remains on the master lease.
Subletting an apartment allows tenants to avoid breaking their lease and save money if they have to move out mid-lease. You may also consider finding a sublet in fall to avoid signing a year-long lease.


STEP 1: View Northeastern's Off Campus Housing and Support Services quick subletting video. Watch it here!

  • Note: If you choose to sublease your apartment, you remain on the original lease and continue to be responsible for all lease provisions. You are still responsible for the actions of the sub-lessee, so make sure everyone signs a sublease agreement. Know that the sublease agreement does not replace the original lease. 

STEP 2: Know what is required by your landlord.

  • Find out if subletting is allowed by your landlord! Look in your lease for specifics and talk to your landlord about your plans.
  • There may also be an application and fee to sublet. This needs to be stated in your lease with the exact amount of the fee.
  • It's important to know what the landlord’s expectations are for subletting.The person on the master lease is still responsible for rent payments if the sublet doesn’t pay, as well as any damages caused by the sublet.

STEP 3: Post your room or find a room for sublet on our Northeastern online Housing Database! Login with your myNortheastern credentials.

  • Use this database to search roommate profiles for Boston area college students that need a room and message them directly.
  • Check-in with your rental insurance company. Determine if your coverage extends to subtenants.
  • Interview and screen potential sublessees. 
  • Create a sublet agreement with the sublessee so that everyone has a concrete understanding of their obligations.

You have now completed this mini online class on Subletting! Read more on Subletting Steps, Tips and Tricks HERE! Please contact Off Campus Housing and Support Services by email at, call us at 617-373-8480, or join us for drop-in hours on Zoom!
Dear Off Campus,

If I already signed a lease that has illegal language, is it enforceable? Can I still negotiate lease clauses?

Nervous Negotiator

Dear Nervous Negotiator,

If you have already signed a lease, the language may or may not be enforceable. The first section of most Boston leases is the Standard Fixed Term Lease, which is legal and written by the Greater Boston Real Estate Board. The second part of the lease is usually the lease addendum. These are rules and clauses written by your landlord and need to be looked at carefully for illegal, unusual and/or unreasonable language. If a clause is illegal it may not be legally binding. If you have already signed the lease and wish to contest a particular clause, we recommend you first negotiate with the landlord. Be sure to do this through written means so you have a trail of your communication.

Please bring your lease to us in this situation! We can advise you on the legality of the lease and clause, as well as next steps for communicating with your landlord, which may include helping you draft a demand letter. We also recommend that you keep documents, receipts and communications in case further action needs to be taken, such as court. Keep calm and let us help you! Email us at or call 617-373-8480.

Emma, Yasser and Sally
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