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What has changed?
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  2. More visual, less text. No one likes to read paragraph-on-paragraph in an email newsletter. I have ditched the long-form content to short summaries. All with links to the source to go further as you may like.
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[🔥 OmniTalk Special Event]

Live Now! — Prime Day Coverage from the Omni Talk Team

Chris, Anne, Neil and Myself are covering the fun of Amazon prime day from 8a-10a CST today via Facebook Live. We will look to cover the wins and the fails of the retail empire on their day to shine in addition to looking to competitors and how their strategies are stacking up.

Use the link below to tune in and leave a comment. We would love to hear from you.

Tune In [Live Now]

[⚡️ Latitude Supercharge]

Trust issues: why customers avoid buying cosmetics online.

If you're going to put anything, like makeup, on your skin, you want to make sure it's safe and authentic. And yet, customers often face the risk of purchasing counterfeit cosmetics when shopping for these products online. 

Even then, however, brands are confronting the challenge and using it as a way to connect with customers in new ways that build trust, add value, and empower consumers to share each brand's story in turn. 

Read our latest publication from Latitude via Medium.

[🎧 OmniTalk Podcast]

Brits Be Checkout-Freeing

This week's episode -- Brits Be Checkout-Freeing -- highlights Tesco's new plans with Trigo for checkout-free shopping, the growing dissent at Walmart over Marc Lore, Amazon's hypothesized much larger Amazon Go-like store in Seattle, the latest Story effort at Macy's, and Walmart's recent luck in India.

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[🗞 In the News: Glossy]

Lululemon makes a bet on experiential retail in Chicago

Lululemon is making its most ambitious foray into experiential retail with a new 20,000-square-foot Chicago store that has everything from fitness studios to a lounge and a restaurant. The idea is people will come for the meditation session, leave with some apparel — and the sense that Lululemon is about a lifestyle, not just stretchy pants.

“[The restaurant] represents the lifestyle of a person who loves and shops at Lululemon,” said Carter Jensen, Latitude retail innovation and product development lead. “Food is at the core of wellness, and they are giving customers more touch points to think about their brand.”

Read more via Glossy.


[Tools & Tech]

Pop Sugar's New Social + eCommerce tool for Retailers

For the past several months, the lifestyle publisher has been fine-tuning a digital product called Sparkle, a fast-loading web page format designed to facilitate e-commerce transactions.
Thanks to API connections with digital retailers including Amazon and Walmart, a marketer can use Sparkle to easily build pages filled with curated collections of items for sale. Brands or retailers simply have to upload a background image, add links and marketing language to a page builder, and Sparkle will build a page that can be used in any mobile environment.​

Via Digiday.

Consumer Experience [CX]

[Emerging Markets & Services]

Cannabis Delivery System Omura Caters To Upscale Consumers

As the cannabis and CBD landscape rapidly expands, new brands rise up to hoping to capture consumer interest and help change perception of cannabis culture overall. Entering the market this month is Omura, a new sustainability-focused cannabis ecosystem centered around an elegant “clean” vape and series of farm-grown cannabis flower cartridges, with options including sativa, indica and CBD.


[Case Study]

Honest Tea Vending Machines Let People Donate to Charity

Honest Tea's interactive vending machines that let customers donate to charity aim to strengthen affinity for the beverage brand while demonstrating the company's commitment to fair trade and sustainable farming.​

Via MarketingDive.

Tech & Social


'Stranger Things' AR ad comes to life in The New York Times

Google this year has made a stronger effort to promote the capabilities of Google Lens, and its promotional tie-in with Netflix’s "Stranger Things" with an AR print ad may help to introduce the technology to a new audience.

Via MobileMarketer.


Facebook tries to make ad targeting explanations more useful.

Facebook  has been adding new tools to provide more transparency about why users are seeing certain ads and content (and what they can do about it), but in a blog post today, Product Manager Sreethu Thulasi wrote, “We heard feedback from people that they can still be hard to understand and difficult to navigate.”​

Via TechCrunch.

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