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Custom Vehicles Via Instagram Stories + Giphy

  • With sights set on engaging the millennial consumer, Acura looked to Instagram to create a custom-car generator via the Stories -platform.
  • Those who post on Instagram Stories can create their own ILX sedan by using Giphy-based digital sticker packs, each offering a plethora of options for fans to make a personalized ride.
  • In addition to the brand-provided graphics, the Brand looked to some of Instagram’s top influencers to help design the media for the project, including Pablo Rochat and Sean Charmtz.
Broadening the focus on commerce.
It is imperative that brands of today not only create a unique, personalized experience for its target consumers but that they do so on the correct platforms. The days of advanced microsites, living independently, are long over as connected users today rarely move outside the reach of a few core, social platforms.

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Text and research sourced from PSFK.

Facebook Live Transforming for Commerce

  • Facebook Live is testing a feature for merchants to demonstrate and describe products for viewers to buy. 
  • Users can simply take a screenshot of a product shown in the videos and use the Messenger chat app to send the image to the merchant.
  • Once the message is received, the vendor can transact the purchase all via the Messenger platform.
  • The test group of independent sellers in Thailand have found success in the new 'Live' to offer products such as cosmetics, handbags and clothing.
Broadening the focus on commerce.
Facebook Live's test of video shopping is a logical progression for the social network as it seeks to add more video content and expand its e-commerce features.

As QVC, which merged with the Home Shopping Network last year, and other similar video-based selling platforms have demonstrated for years, live video demonstrations of products are an effective sales and marketing tool. Merchants can get immediate feedback from viewers who respond to a call to action with a direct purchase or with more questions about the products being demonstrated.

Look for Facebook to continue the charge into 2019 as they take-on larger portions of the users' new path to product purchase.

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Text and research sourced from Retail Dive.

Pinterest + Levi’s creates personal styling tool.

Pinterest’s first test as a personal styling tool is with a first-of-its-kind partnership with Levi’s. “Styled by Levi’s” uses Pinterest data to create personalized Pinterest boards for Levi’s customers.

The feature is promoted on Pinterest and is accessible on a Levi’s microsite. Customers select five favorites from a variety of images, then grant access to Levi’s and Pinterest to generate a custom Pinterest board based on their responses and previous activity on Pinterest. Recommendations can include stylized editorial images, flat images of single products and pins promoting Levi’s chatbot or its customization division. When applicable, pins link to corresponding purchase pages on the brand’s website.

Levi Strauss & Co.’s Brady Stewart, who leads the company’s digital business in the Americas, said Pinterest was an attractive platform because its users are “engaged in key life moments.” She also emphasized its personalization and visual search capabilities. 

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Text and research sourced from Glossy.
The Leftovers - Random & Interesting 

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