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This week's round of 'Spark' provides a few resources to get your week off to a solid start...
  1. The 2019 CXR report that I compiled with the Latitude research team (with download link).
  2. A few great case studies and technology highlights from the week (as always).
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AE (Augmented Experiences) Take Center Stage at Hipanda's New Tokyo Retail Experience

The recently-opened Hipanda flagship store in Omotesando, Tokyo combines digital and analog features to bring a new level of guest experience to life. Titled ghost house, the immersive retail interior brings together architectural elements with AR (augmented reality) and AE (augmented experience) technology in a sequence of spaces, inviting the visitor to look for the ‘host’ of the house, who is revealed through different interactive experiences, some digital and other, analog.
  • The hipanda store façade is filled with the brand’s logo, which ‘jumps’ towards passersby with visual effects displayed through animations. 
  • Inside, the main room features a play of light in constant motion, while the gallery space introduces products in a constant movement through AR, continually changing the presentation of the displays to bringing attention to the collection.
  • The room’s walls are half-clad in mirrors, blurring the perception between digital and virtual. the unique lighting creates a shadow-free interior like a digital image.
  • Combined with AR, the two parallel worlds fuse into a dazing experience, finished with a frozen wall of mini panda sculptures displayed in a fridge-like structure.

"...our challenge was to bring street fashion into new territories, breaking the boundaries beyond culture, age and gender into an experiential space, accessible and inspirational for all, which redefines our expectation of retail experience.’ — Hipanda and Design partner, Curiosity

🐼 See the video. | Photos of the retail experience.
Text and excerpts sourced directly from Designboom.

Purina Uses Dog Urine Testing to Add Value to Out of Home Media Experiences

  • In its latest campaign, Pet product brand Purina looks to encourage routine vet visits through an outdoor billboard that can check a dog’s health via its urine.
  • The special billboards use pheromones to attract dogs to urinate on them, and then will run the sample through several tests to tell the owner the results.
  • The tests look specifically for four common problems— diabetes, kidney issues, urinary infection or cholesterol.
  • Once the results are tabulated, the system can even recommend a particular Purina diet or to take the dog to the vet’s office for a checkup.
The goal is not just to make sure people’s pets are healthy, but also to encourage customers to associate Purina with health and wellness for their pups. “Purina’s objective is to provide simple and efficient solutions to improve the wellness of our pets. We wanted to raise awareness on the importance of veterinary checkups, but also to offer a solution that fits in the daily lives of pet owners—the daily walk on the street or in the park...” — Véronique Herman, marketing manager specialist at Purina 

🐶 See the video. | Learn more about the activation.
Text and excerpts sourced directly from PSFK.

2019 Consumer Experience Report Download 

Earlier this year, the team here at Latitude published the '2019 Consumer Experience Evolution' report. A 200+ slide presentation and workshop that focuses on the shifting consumer experience landscape, specifically around today's leading brands + retailers.

After a few months of presentations, I wanted to share-out a major portion of this work with the Spark community. Please see the link below.

As always, honest feedback is always welcome as I would welcome the opportunity to expand on the topics within. Thanks for taking a look!

↓ Download the Report | Request a copy of the .key file.
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