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This week, Spark is back on track with a collection of great case studies and technologies all being deployed around the iconic Coachella music festival. Along with over 125,000 attendees, brands file into space all with the challenge to stand above the noise, both literally and figuratively.

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Instagram's Coachella Playground

  • Dubbed ‘Instagram Desert Chill,’ the decorated house was Instagram’s first-ever venture at Coachella, cementing the festival’s status as a mecca for brand activations.
  • Desert Chill’s art director D’ana Nunez of COVL created 26 vibrant shapes that were placed thoughtfully throughout the outdoor spot, giving an abstract and brightly-colored accent to the sandy scene.
  • Users that follow Nunez on Instagram had exclusive access to a custom filter designed by the artist.
  • A bright pink bar labeled “Scent Shop” invited visitors to sort through blended oils and create a personalized fragrance.
  • The event leveraged exclusive access to appeal to a younger demographic that puts high-value on unique opportunities.
  • In addition to being 18+, the branded house was only offered to the social media platform’s high-level influencers, and the location was revealed only 24 hours before it began.

Whether we like it or not,  going “Instagrammable” for brand activations in the digital age is a successful strategy. Influencers and fans alike flock to the next best-curated backdrop, playground or event, hoping to snap that unique photo guaranteed to garner the most likes.

This strategy, paired with the exclusivity of the space ensured that the experience reached far beyond the walls of Coachella without creating a logistical nightmare hosting the thousands of fans who waited outside.

So, what are the next steps? A few questions to ask your brand team.

  1. How can you create an exclusive experience in order to slingshot digital impressions?
  2. Are your brand experiences being tailored for the Instagram generation?  (This goes beyond the platform and into other visually-based ecosystems like iMessages and Snap)

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Text and research sourced from PSFK.

Bose Audio AR Brings Something New to Buzzword Technology

  • Electronics maker Bose created a high-tech product just for music festival season: Bose Frames, or audio-pairable sunglasses, provide what’s being called the first audio augmented reality (AR) experience for festival goers.
  • Bose teamed up with Coachella to make the glasses available for $200 at merchandise tents around the fairgrounds.
  • The special AR experience of the frames includes miniature speakers and a Bluetooth connection.
  • Through this tech, festival-goers at Coachella will have access to exclusive audio content and festival updates like reminders about when their favorite artist will perform.
We’re proud to see this exclusive content made available through Bose AR at Coachella,” said Crystal MacKenzie, head of marketing, Bose AR. “Fans who pair their Bose Frames with the app while attending the show will be able to spend more time looking up and seeing what’s going on around them, while accessing information that will help make their experience even better.”

As visual AR continues to dominate the buzzword-filled market, Bose took the high road (and the road that made the most sense to their brand) to leverage this tech to create true value to fans in the always-unique, festival environment.

So, what are the next steps? A few questions to ask your brand team.

  1. Are your teams using AR simply because it is the 'new cool thing'? How can you pivot this excitement to an application that creates true customer value?
  2. How can you look to pair your brand's benefit to relevant applications?  

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Text and research sourced from Latitude Research Team, PSFK.

Coachella Attendees Use Postmates to Skip the Lines

  • Postmates food delivery platform is rolling out to be available on the grounds of several live events within the next year as the partnership with the entertainment company AEG Presents made it available to Coachella attendees this last weekend.
  • Festival-goers were able to log on to the mobile app to browse and select which concessions they want, place their order and pick up their order when ready.
  • Postmates Pickup will be available at other music festivals in the coming months, including StagecoachElectric Forest and Mo Pop
  • Postmates intends to take advantage of the occasion to increase its user base and increase awareness of its digital discovery platform.
  • Currently, no other delivery app has this kind of access to festival grounds.
"Our mission is to enable anyone to have anything on-demand and we’re always looking for creative, new ways to bring that mission to life,” says Bastian Lehmann, co-founder and CEO at Postmates. “As the leading on-demand platform with millennials, driving innovation with music festivals like Coachella and Stagecoach is an exciting opportunity for our brand.”

Like Amazon, Postmates looked to bring their brand services to a unique environment, ultimately adding incredible value to the crowds of their core demographic. As can be seen in the stories above, gone are the days of a 10x10 popup sampling booth as brands of all types looking to directly integrate into the festival experience.

So, what are the next steps? A few questions to ask your brand team.

  1. Where are the core locations your target market congregates? How can you be a value-adding part of this experience? 
  2. What partnerships could be out there that would accelerate this type of activation?
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Text and research sourced from PSFK.
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