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Spotify Looks to Pop-ups For Another Launch

  • Just months after hosting Ariana Grande’s immersive Sweetener pop-up in New York City, Spotify used a similar approach to launch the latest album from French R’n’B singer Aya Nakamura.
  • The pop-up store, which was active for one day only in France, allowed fans access to nail and makeup treatments, as well as a concert by the artist herself and exclusive album-related content.
  • The event was made possible by Storefront, an open-share marketplace that helps retailers implement popup shops by providing short-term rental spaces. Also, a company highlighted by OmniTalk in a recent podcast.
Why the focus?
As experiences and other immersive brand promotions continue to find success in the crowded, oversaturated media market, retailers are not the only ones looking to leverage the trend to find success. 

Spotify hoped to complement the release of Nakamura’s album with a physical event or exhibit that would positively affect digital sales and streams—and in the 24 hours following its release, the artists’ album received 2.4 million streams.

As consumers continue to favor brands who create and showcase this tangible image, look for more physical experiences to come from digital companies in the overall quest for brand recognition, favorability and love.

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Text and research sourced from PSFK.

Nike Launches Docu-Series via IGTV

  • Aiming their focus at a more 'every day' audience, Nike is launching a new series on Instagram TV that showcases the triumphs of everyday athletes. 
  • Operating under the title of “My Crazy Dream," the content will show short-form videos about people on fitness journeys as well as the obstacles they overcome to achieve their goals.
  • The company describes the new strategy as "passing the mic to athletes and giving them a platform to showcase their strength and commitment to Nike's ideals..." 
  • But the Brand is not to be forgotten within this feel-good vibe as each video ends with the brand's classic "Just Do It" tagline.
  • Nike has now launched the first few sets of this content with a full rollout planned into 2019.
What do we think of Nike + IGTV?
IGTV has recently attracted the attention of several top brands, as it offers the visibility of an established social media platform in a new way, and can be integrated into larger social commerce marketing strategies. This IGTV activation follows Nike’s several mobile-only campaigns this year, featuring exclusive merchandise and influencer-driven initiatives.

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Text and research sourced from PSFK.

North Face Launches Storefront As Testing Ground And Events Hub

Retailers opening storefronts today are increasingly focused on creating a memorable experience for their customers. American outdoor apparel and goods brand The North Face is attempting to do just that with its recently opened space in the trendy Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, NYC.

Called The Prototype, the store is curated for serious fans of the brand. In addition to offering limited-edition items and hosting special events, the store will also feature The North Face’s icon range and its Black Series, created by designer Kazuki Kuraishi. The company’s general manager of Lifestyle Brands, Tim Battle, says, “We are all connected through our shared sense of curiosity. Through the new Prototype retail concept, we have an incredible opportunity to celebrate this mindset and create a cultural hub for our brand.”

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Text and research sourced from PSFK.
The Leftovers - Random & Interesting 

Airbnb is expanding into architecture and urban planning with Backyard.
“The 25th hour” – Audi’s term for the newly recoverable time when your car drives itself.
“Digital nutrition” as a pillar of health for more mindful consumption of media in the digital age.
Olympic medals for the Japan 2020 summer games will be minted from recycled cell phones.
Netflix viewing parties are gaining popularity among millennials.
Are pop lyrics getting more repetitive (interactive visuals & data).

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