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[📱 Latitude Products]

Meet Uplo — Turnkey retail & experience tracking.

Over the last year, my team at Latitude been working tirelessly to answer the biggest question in retail. How do you measure in-store engagement to inform brand experience?

In search of that answer, we decided to build a solution ourselves.

Meet #Uplo, the future of effortless metrics. As a proximity detection measurement tool, Uplo allows us to quantify experiences unlike ever before. It takes only a few hours to deploy into any brand experience.

A personal note from Carter: I am incredibly proud of what we have created and would love to show you more. Please let me know if this is of interest to you. Even simple feedback is greatly appreciated!

See the full video.

[🎧 OmniTalk Podcast]

Must Love Dogs…and Apple’s New Credit Card

This week’s Fast Five podcast is live for your listening pleasure — “Must Love Dogs…and Apple’s New Credit Card”

With Carter on location, Chris, Anne, and Neil discuss superhero movies, Apple’s new credit card, Petco, Dash buttons, CVS, and give a much too detailed description of Third Haus.

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[⚡️ Latitude Supercharge]

Storytelling is today’s currency: How brands guide customers towards deeper connection.

When it comes time to buy everyday items, like a pack of batteries, a bamboo toothbrush, or a new phone charger, Amazon excels at getting you exactly where you need to go... In fact, the site guides online shoppers through the consumer journey with such ease and predictability that over 60% of internet users start their product searches on Amazon.

And, as much as Amazon simplifies the process, some purchases, like those made in major consumer categories (fashion and other lifestyle products), require more inspiration before a customer feels comfortable making an informed purchase. In these instances, consumers seek a guided tour that demonstrates how products and purchases empower and enhance the aspirational life they want to live.

Read our latest publication from Latitude via Medium.


[Tools & Tech]

Inside Nuuly, Urban Outfitters’ attempt to take on the rental clothing market

Urban Outfitters, Inc. is making a big bet on the online rental apparel industry — and is building the apparatus itself.

Nuuly, which launches today, is the retail group’s answer to rental services like Rent the Runway. Sitting alongside Urban Outfitters, Inc.’s retail brands — its namesake brand Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and its subsidiaries Bhldn and Terrain, and Free People — Nuuly is a rental platform carrying more than 1,000 items from more than 100 different brands. In addition the group’s own brands, participating retailers include Levi’s, AYR and Gal Meets Glam. For $88 a month, subscribers can rent six items at a time per month.

Via ModernRetail.

Consumer Experience [CX]

[DTC / Consumer Experience]

Nike’s new membership model for kids’ sneakers amplifies shift to direct sales

Nike’s newest venture, a sneaker membership model for kids, is part of the brand’s push to establish stronger direct customer relationships.

This time, the idea is to start young.

The Nike Adventure Club, which launches today out of a two-year beta period, lets parents pay a monthly fee in exchange for regular kids’ shoes replenishments. There are pricing tiers based on need: a $20 monthly fee gets four new shoes a year; a $30 monthly fee gets six shoes a year; a $50 monthly fee gets 12 shoes a year. Shipped in a personalized, kid-friendly box, Nike Adventure Club shoes also come with access to physical and digital kids’ content, including a team of cartoon characters, activity guides and journals that encourage outdoor play.

Via ModernRetail

[Emerging Experiences]

Maude Redefines Sexual Wellness With Brooklyn Pop-Up

Tucked away on a quiet street in Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighborhood, a popup named Staycationinvites in passersby with AC, a cooler full of seltzer and curated playlists. Some evenings there are events like haiku workshops and happy hours. The space is bright and airy, a respite from the noisy city streets outside. That's why it's hard to believe that Staycation is a sex shop.

Run by DTC sexual health and wellness brand Maude, it's perhaps an oversimplification to call the cozy space a sex shop. But the pop-up, which runs until the end of August, proudly offers condoms, personal lubricant and vibrators, all sold in millennial-friendly packaging. Even the candles burned in the store—also made by Maude—double as massage oil when melted.


Tech & Social


Puma Geotargets OOH

Footwear brand Puma launched a geotargeted out-of-home (OOH) campaign on Aug. 5, with ads delivered programmatically to screens atop taxis and ride-share vehicles, according to information provided to Marketing Dive. The campaign centers around the grand opening of the brand's flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York City.

Via MarketingDrive

[Social & Tech]

Why You Think Your Devices Are Listening to You

"At a dinner party the other night, a very accomplished business person told a story about how he and his wife were certain that their devices were listening to their conversations. “I was talking to my wife about a pair of designer shoes that she wanted to purchase, and not 10 minutes later while she was doing some online research for work, she saw an ad for that exact pair of shoes. She hadn’t searched for the shoes; the ad just appeared. Clearly, our computers or our phones are listening.” Some people nodded in agreement, and others began to chime in..."

"...I listened politely for a few minutes more as the story was embellished and other guests shared their own versions of “surveillance state” anecdotes."

Via Shelly Palmer

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