Hi friends!

I hope you're well these days. I just wanted to take a minute say hello, share some of what's been going on in my life lately, and hopefully hear from you as well.

To start with, last weekend spanned my sixth wedding anniversary, my daughter's second birthday, and my third book launch (more here), a promotion at the day job, and two old friends moving into my neighborhood. And we spent most of it in the hospital. Yikes!

Luckily all is well on the medical front. A family member needed a sudden but routine procedure and has shown remarkably quick recovery, not to mention panache and aplomb.

The anniversary, birthday, and book launch were consequently fairly low-key, but included the requisite kisses, cupcakes, and happy dances, respectively. (Ooh, and a shiny new red bike! We were Americana incarnate.) We celebrated my third Father's Day weekend with late nights, card games, tornadoes, and a pit beef feast.

On the writing front, Bill and I are swinging into production on Episode 3 of Hubris Towers and I'm making moves to launch Clickworks Press as a publishing house in its own right, with a wider catalog of titles and authors who aren't me. I've got some exciting ideas on that front, but they'll keep.* 

Also I'm reading Titus Groan and loving it. A little dense, but dark and funny and really quite mesmerising. (Try This One Weird Old Book!)

How about you? What's new and exciting in your life? Reading anything good? Thinking anything interesting? Write back and let me know!


* But drop me a line if you want to talk micropatronage, disruptive innovation, permaculture publishing, hybrid business models, etc. Or if you have a book you might want to publish with us.

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