It's National S'mores Day! 

What did the Hershey's bar, the marshmallow, and the cookie use to communicate? S'mores Code.

Celebrate National S'mores Day with this popular campfire treat made into an ice cream pie! S'mores pies are filled with a layer of hot fudge, then super premium vanilla ice cream, then another layer of hot fudge sitting on a buttery graham cracker crust. Topped with toasted mini marshmallows, this pie can serve about 6-8 people but will leave you wanting s'more...

Available for preorder nowPies will be ready for pickup or delivery starting Thursday, August 13th. When ordering a S'mores Pie, please make sure your pickup or delivery date is for Thursday, August 13th or later :)
Konery Cones will be returning later this week! They will be available at the takeaway window for scoops and on The Merry Dairy online shop in packages of six! Konery Cones are artisanal hand-rolled cones from Brooklyn, NY that are vegan and preservative-free!

All month long scoops are back at a distance! With cars off the lot and no entry into the shop, follow the blue tape to the takeaway window, get your order at the front door, and feel free to enjoy your cone on the lot at a distance. Check out what flavours being scooped at!

Here are all the "while supplies last" flavours and products available beginning August 11th at The *New & Distanced* Merry Dairy!

100% pickup and delivery
the flavours, the fun, all nut, peanut & sesame free!

While online supplies last! Plus special lucky prize winners - check your order bag just in case!
Congratulations to this week's winner Viviane with Order #133389 winner of two ice cream sandwiches!!

Order online, then choose your pickup or delivery date! Pickups now available on Sundays! Deliveries made between 3-7pm Tuesday to Saturday! 
Take-out window open 2-9pm Tuesday to Sunday

Sweet Corn & Blueberry🌽

This seasonal flavour has a super creamy sweet corn base and a blueberry ribbon throughout. Available for order starting Wednesday, August 12. (GF, SF)

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Ontario Peach🍑 

Oh peach season, how we've missed you! This flavour is full of creamy, peach flavour! Made with fresh, local peaches grown in Ontario. (GF, SF)

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Order by 12pm for same-day pickup or next-day delivery! Deliveries made between 3-7pm Tuesday to Saturday!

Peach Sweet Tea🍑 

Inspired by Southern Sweet Tea, this flavour meets Ontario peaches to create a creamy summer treat! Made with a coconut base, this flavour is 100% plant-based! (V, SF, GF)

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Planty, Minty, and Chippy

Mint ahoy! This plant-based favourite starts with a rich, organic coconut milk base, all-natural amazing mint, and premium chocolate chips. No green food colouring here - just scoops and scoops of creamy, planty, minty, goodness, and chippy too! (V, GF)

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All newsletter orders automatically entered in the daily draw for a mystery Merry Dairy prize!
Yes! You can combine orders made on different days for pickup or deliveries by calling the shop!

Are you mint for this?

Mint ... as it was "mint" to be. Premium ice cream, all-natural amazing mint flavour, and premium chocolate chips. No green here either, just pure mint flavour, and let the chips fall where they may. (GF)

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Salted Caramel!

Original-recipe in-house salted caramel that joins a premium ice cream base for a flavour that stands on its own, or hangs out with a piece of pie, piece of cake, or with a big spoon and Netflix on a Saturday night.  (GF, SF)
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Same-day pickup at the 102 Fairmont take out window!

When what you want is what you want ..🍫

Sometimes after a complex day, it's the simple things that count. And chocolate ice cream, created in-house with a rich cocoa, hits the spot when you're on the spot ... (GF, SF)

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Very, very strawberry!🍓

Oh strawberry, how do I love thee .. let me count the ways! And there are many ways to love this premium flavour that tastes just like the strawberries and cream they wrote about in those Jane Austin novels. Step back and step up with this classic flavour. (GF, SF) 
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Free next-day delivery on orders with a minimum $35 purchase anywhere in the great city of Ottawa!

Cookies & Cream!

Oooooo-reee-ooooooo in mood for a classic? A flavour combination that pleases any crowd, loud, proud or wowed ... Fresh premium ice cream base with you-know-what cookies folded in them is what everyone eventually wants. 

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The Vanilla of it all!

The flavour that started it all. And not an imitation - but pure vanilla. A flavour that is wild on its own, and yet, delicately goes with any other flavour. Could there be a more dependable and more exciting ice cream friend than the uniquely universal Vanilla? (GF, SF) 

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Get your treats delivered by a Merry Dairy truck! Pick your postal code then pick your delivery date at checkout.

Strawberry, meet Basil!

Make a new Merry Pop friend with Strawberry Basil! Made with fresh basil and loads of strawberries, this Pop is refreshing! Picture is of Pops minus the basil :) (V, GF, SF)

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What floats your boat? 

Make a Merry Dairy Float at home! Ice Cream Float Kits come with one pint of Vanilla ice cream and two cans of Kichesippi ginger beer or cream soda or a bottle of Stewart's or Jones Root beer! (GF, SF)

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Create the perfect scoop at home with your very own Merry Dairy Ice Cream Scoop!
But wait there's more - cakes, and ice cream sandwiches and ...
Did we mention free next-day delivery on orders with a minimum $35 purchase anywhere in the great city of Ottawa? We did? Whew!

Distanced, yet ...?

As we gently connect but responsibly distance, an ice cream cake says Happy Birthday, Congratulations, or simply dessert! With flavours Cookies & Cream, Funfetti, Vegan Mint Chip, or Vegan Coffee cakes are there for birthdays, anniversaries or any other thing you'd like to have written on one of these - at no extra charge! 

Order your cake! »

Ice Cream Sandwiches

These are the ginger sandwiches. Two original-recipe cookies, baked in-house, premium vanilla ice cream. Sandwich your day with these individually wrapped tasty treats! Ginger, oatmeal chocolate chip, funfetti, or double chocolate cookie...?

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The fine print is that some of these flavours may sell out quickly!
Allergen information: If you're subscribed to this newsletter, you probably already know that The Merry Dairy's founding mission is to be nut- and peanut-free. Why is that? Because back when we started we knew too many people - kids especially - who had never experienced an ice cream shop because they were too allergic to nuts to go inside one. That's what our slogan "Ice Cream for All" means (thank you Allie Goodyear!). But all means more - and that is why we offer plant-based ice cream too. We're working on getting better with allergen information on all of our products, but you can always just email to find out what's in what we make. We do make almost everything in-house so that we know that we can be nut-free. Our traditional recipe for frozen custard and premium dairy ice creams do contain small amounts of pasteurized egg. Here are what some of the letters above mean:

GF = Gluten-Free - most of our flavours are gluten-free, by the way ;)
SF = Soy-Free - the only "soy" in our products is soy lecithin in flavours that contain chocolate. Otherwise, we don't use soy
V = Vegan - we use coconut milk for vegan ice creams, except for sorbets which are fruit based

All products are also nut-free, peanut-free and sesame-free!
Other allergen or ingredient questions: write!
Millions of peaches, peaches for me
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