Fill your home with the tantalizing, mesmerizing aroma of baking our frozen apple pie at home.*

What better way to fall into autumn than with a homemade apple pie! Made from fresh local apples from Spagnoli Orchards from Parkdale Market, peeled and chopped onsite, and nestled in a made-from-scratch crust. (serves 8-10)

*not sure how to bake it? Each frozen pie comes with pro and beginner instructions, like most things in life! All you need is some sort of baking device, usually known as an oven.

Available now for order with pickup or delivery beginning Thursday, October 1!

And the frozen custard flavour of the week is girl guide cookie, available all week at our takeaway window beginning Tuesday and available in pints beginning Wednesday! 

And congrats to Christine W., whose order #MD-143315
is the winner this week of a Merry Dairy ice cream scoop!

Here are all the "while supplies last" flavors and products available this week for pickup and delivery or at the takeaway window!
All nut, peanut & sesame free!

Order online, then choose your pickup or delivery date! Pickups now available on Sundays! Deliveries made between 3-7pm Tuesday to Saturday!

Want to do something special for that special someone? Three gift options available! Say thank you with a virtual gift certificate or make someone's day and get some ice cream treats delivered straight to their doorstep! Make it extra special and book the truck for contactless delivery! 

Earl Grey & Fig!

Do you believe in the teriffic-ness of tea? The friskiness of figs? The vonderful-ness of vegan?  Then meet Earl Grey & Fig. This lovely couple is united by a coconut milk base, with steeped earl grey tea and freshly-diced figs. Even if you can't invite someone over for a dinner party, you can enjoy a bowl during your next video call. Or better yet, enjoy a bowl together, apart with free delivery to your house and theirs. (V, GF, SF)

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Maple Cinnamon French Toast!

Scoop a bowl of this premium ice cream and you might just hear the fiddle music, as you think back to a pre-distanced morning at a sugar shack, with this limited run Maple Cinnamon French Toast flavour. Put on your dancing shoes, ask Alexa, Siri or the Google to do the rest.

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Yoohoo! It's Ginger Spice ...

Ginger Spice, one of the most greatest of all the spices, catches up finally to Pumpkin and Pepita, and brings is an indescribable addition to the Spice Pod. What's in Ginger Spice! Fresh ginger! That's it! (SF, GF)

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Pumpkin Pepita Spice!

What is a pepita?  Pepitas are what become glorious pumpkins! But they are tasty in their own right and they'll tell what they want, what they really really want - it's a vegan pumpkin spice! So friends of pepita, presenting Pepita Spice! Dance to that! (V, SF, GF)

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All newsletter orders automatically entered in the daily draw for a mystery Merry Dairy prize!

Pumpkin Spice!

Did we make a big enough fuss about this already? Keep up the fuss please!  Pumpkin, special spice, telling one and all that fall is upon us. Let the pumpkin-ing begin!  (GF, SF)

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Earl Grey & Sour Cherry ...

Earl Grey tea in beautiful creamy ice cream. And then, out of nowhere, fresh cherries, as if to say. Earl Grey, you've had a good go, but there's a new cherr-if in town. And Earl Grey, like any good royal, knows when to share the stage. And so, a flavour is born. Earl Grey and Cherry! ... (GF, SF)

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C is for Coffee ..

A lovely, rich flavour that can go with anything or anyone, or is just fine on its own. So whether you are isolating, percolating, or backyard-ing, a scoop of coffee helps the distancing go down ... 

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The coffee that vegins with V  ...

Good to the last scoop! Wait, can we say that? But, this is the plant-based flavour that is like a rich, frozen coffee that is vegan-licious on its own, or paired with any kind of dessert! Made with a coconut-coffee base with ripples of chocolate crackle throughout. (V, GF, SF)

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Plus plus plus ..

Yes - more coffee! By popular demand, coffee fudge brownie is back. Our coffee ice cream, mixed in with our fresh, fabulous, fantastic brownies, in a flavour that says, please, one more scoop   ... 

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The key to limes is pie  ...

Fresh limes meet premium vegan ice cream, and add in pieces of gluten-free vegan shortbread. That's a lot of good ol' fashioned vegan. It's like a date at a diner with your sweetheart. Available Wednesday! (V, GF, SF)

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Yes! You can combine orders made on different days for pickup or deliveries by calling the shop!

Are you mint for this?

Mint ... as it was "mint" to be. Premium ice cream, all-natural amazing mint flavour, and premium chocolate chips. No green here either, just pure mint flavour, and let the chips fall where they may. (GF)

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Salted Caramel!

Original-recipe in-house salted caramel that joins a premium ice cream base for a flavour that stands on its own, or hangs out with a piece of pie, piece of cake, or with a big spoon and Netflix on a Saturday night.  (GF, SF)
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Same-day pickup at the 102 Fairmont takeaway window! Open 2-9pm Tuesday to Sunday!

When what you want is what you want ..🍫

Sometimes after a complex day, it's the simple things that count. And chocolate ice cream, created in-house with a rich cocoa, hits the spot when you're on the spot ... (GF, SF)

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Very, very strawberry!🍓

Oh strawberry, how do I love thee .. let me count the ways! And there are many ways to love this premium flavour that tastes just like the strawberries and cream they wrote about in those Jane Austin novels. Step back and step up with this classic flavour. (GF, SF) 
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Free next-day delivery on orders with a minimum $35 purchase anywhere in the great city of Ottawa!

Cookies & Cream!

Oooooo-reee-ooooooo in mood for a classic? A flavour combination that pleases any crowd, loud, proud or wowed ... Fresh premium ice cream base with you-know-what cookies folded in them is what everyone eventually wants. 

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The Vanilla of it all!

The flavour that started it all. And not an imitation - but pure vanilla. A flavour that is wild on its own, and yet, delicately goes with any other flavour. Could there be a more dependable and more exciting ice cream friend than the uniquely universal Vanilla? (GF, SF) 

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Planty, Minty, and Chippy

Mint ahoy! This plant-based favourite starts with a rich, organic coconut milk base, all-natural amazing mint, and premium chocolate chips. No green food colouring here - just scoops and scoops of creamy, planty, minty, goodness, and chippy too! Available for order Wednesday! (V, GF)

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Pick your pint! »

What?? A double pumpkin snickerdoodle sandwich, and it comes in plant-based or dairy?

Fun to say, but even more fun to eat! The crackly, cinnamon-y snickerdoodle joins friends ginger, double chocolate and oatmeal, for a rare merry dairy ice cream sandwich experience. What is a snickerdoodle? YouTube knows!  (SF and/or V)

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Get your treats delivered by a Merry Dairy truck! Pick your postal code then pick your delivery date at checkout.

Say thank you to someone special :)

Make your gift extra-special with a one-of-a-kind card with your own custom message hand-written inside!  Reproductions of original paintings by local artist Francie Ducros, these cards are blank inside and represent creatures of the home, or the earth, of the sky, or water. 

Let us know what message you would like us to include and the "to" and the "from" - we'll handwrite the message on your card!

100% of the proceeds from the sale of these cards will be donated to the Ottawa Humane Society!

Choose your card! »

What floats your boat? 

Make a Merry Dairy Float at home! Ice Cream Float Kits come with one pint of Vanilla ice cream and two cans of Kichesippi ginger beer, cream soda, root beer, and new lime soda(GF, SF)

Pick your Float Kit »

But wait there's more - cakes, and ice cream sandwiches and ...

Ice Cream Scoop

Create the perfect scoop at home with your very own Merry Dairy plastic ice cream scoop!

Pick your scoop! »

Get Truckin' Keychain

Get your very own Merry Dairy keychain designed by Canadian artist Rosehound Apparel! Available in two colours - rose gold and silver!

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Did we mention free next-day delivery on orders with a minimum $35 purchase anywhere in the great city of Ottawa? We did? Whew!

Distanced, yet ...?

An ice cream cake says Happy Birthday, Congratulations, or simply dessert! With flavours Cookies & Cream, Funfetti, Vegan Mint Chip, or Vegan Coffee cakes are there for birthdays, anniversaries or any other thing you'd like to have written on one of these - at no extra charge! 

Order your cake! »

Konery cones!

Konery cones - a part of The Merry Dairy experience since we opened our doors, now available for purchase online for pickup or delivery! Choose from dark chocolate, french vanilla and birthday cake flavours!

Curate your cone! »

The fine print is that some of these flavours may sell out quickly!
Allergen information: If you're subscribed to this newsletter, you probably already know that The Merry Dairy's founding mission is to be nut- and peanut-free. Why is that? Because back when we started we knew too many people - kids especially - who had never experienced an ice cream shop because they were too allergic to nuts to go inside one. That's what our slogan "Ice Cream for All" means (thank you Allie Goodyear!). But all means more - and that is why we offer plant-based ice cream too. We're working on getting better with allergen information on all of our products, but you can always just email to find out what's in what we make. We do make almost everything in-house so that we know that we can be nut-free. Our traditional recipe for frozen custard and premium dairy ice creams do contain small amounts of pasteurized egg. Here are what some of the letters above mean:

GF = Gluten-Free - most of our flavours are gluten-free, by the way ;)
SF = Soy-Free - the only "soy" in our products is soy lecithin in flavours that contain chocolate. Otherwise, we don't use soy
V = Vegan - we use coconut milk for vegan ice creams, except for sorbets which are fruit based

All products are also nut-free, peanut-free and sesame-free!
Other allergen or ingredient questions: write!
Pies, pies, everywhere there's pies
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