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Microreactors for Global Nuclear Security?


With global demand for nuclear energy likely to increase in the coming decades, the United States faces important questions on how to commercialize new, advanced nuclear reactors successfully and maintain international nuclear safeguards. 

In late August, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists published Co-Executive Director Jessica Lovering’s article with Carnegie Mellon University Professor M. Granger Morgan on how the United States can best strengthen global nuclear security and what role microreactors could play in providing a shippable and potentially safer and more cost-competitive power source. 

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GEC in the News

Repowering Coal Plants with Nuclear Energy

Jessica weighed in with Morning Consult on why, for communities that are interested, advanced nuclear energy could be a great means of adaptive reuse of retired coal plant sites. In these places, nuclear plants could use some of the same transmission infrastructure, transportation networks, and water sources that coal-fired facilities have used. But it will only work if developers and energy providers bring local communities to the table early in the process, answer their questions, and earn their support.

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Illinois Climate and Equitable Jobs Act

GEC celebrates Illinois’ enactment of the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act, which blends investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency with funding for clean energy job training and existing nuclear plants, while also giving local governments the ability to perform community energy planning. As GEC Senior Advocacy Director Jackie Toth told Reuters in September, the bill is ultimately a stark reminder that communities across the country would benefit from federal legislation that supports carbon-free energy.

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Versatile Test Reactor

Earlier this year, Congress surprised the nuclear energy community when both the House and Senate excluded funding for the Versatile Test Reactor (VTR) project from their Fiscal Year 2022 spending bills. Once constructed, this project will allow the United States and its allies to perform quick tests on how new nuclear fuels and materials hold up to prolonged exposure to fast neurons. The VTR is an important component of a strong domestic advanced nuclear ecosystem. Check out Reuters’ article on the topic from late August and Jackie’s caution against pausing funding for this project.

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