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This recent study from the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism was no surprise to us.  We have long promoted our all natural 100% juice as a better alternative to supplements.  In this study, participants found a greater performance boost from beet juice than from nitrate supplements. 
Researchers performed a rigorous comparison of beet juice and sodium nitrate, using matched doses to ensure that the subjects were getting the same amount of nitrate.  Twelve volunteers performed a series of cycling trials at predetermined paces, and oxygen consumption after drinking beet juice was lower in some cases. 
Like Beet Performer, this study was done with all natural beet juice, rather than expensive and unnatural supplements. We believe Beet Performer’s natural beet juice is a better alternative than something artificially created in a laboratory and more directly connects to the research.

To read more about the science behind beet juice, check out our website.

Help us support the LymeLight Foundation

We are excited to partner with Jax Koudele in support of the LymeLight Foundation.  Each time Jax's code (wonder16) is used at Amazon through the end of May, Beet Performer will make a donation to the Lyme Light Foundation.  Not only will you save 15% on your Beet Performer purchase, but we will donate $1 to the LymeLight Foundation!  This foundation is near and dear to Jax's heart.  Here is a little about how she came to be involved with this wonderful organization and how she is challenging herself in an effort to raise awareness and money. 

In 2012, I became aware of the LymeLight Foundation as I witnessed those extremely close to me suffering from the disease. The LymeLight Foundation provides grants to enable eligible children and young adults with Lyme disease to receive proper treatment and medication as well as raising awareness about Lyme disease, which is the fastest growing infectious disease in the world. 

This year, I am competing in the 4 Deserts Grand Slam Plus.  I hope to be the first female in the world to complete the 4 Deserts event, while raising funds and awareness for the LymeLight Foundation.  The Grand Slam Plus includes running in five 7-day events in 4 deserts and one jungle throughout the world while carrying all my food, sleeping supplies, safety equipment, and everything I need to survive during the entire race in my backpack. 

Jax just won the race in Namibia!! Up next is the Gobi March in China in June, the Atacama Crossing in Chile in October and finally the "Last Desert" in Antarctica in November. Please join us in cheering for Jax as she competes in this very challenging event, and help us to raise money for the LymeLight Foundation! 


Amazon Discount Code

As newsletter subscriber, you will receive an Amazon discount code with each newsletter. This edition's code, good through the end of May for 25% off one purchase of Beet Performer, is MAYNEWS6.  We welcome your product reviews to help people interested in Beet Performer learn more about the benefits of our beet juice!

Please note that this discount code only works when purchasing from our store.

Beet loading

Many athletes are in the midst of serious training, preparing for a marathon, triathlon, or other major competition. You may already have your own protocol for beet loading, but we wanted to share our recommendation. While you can benefit from the many positive attributes beet juice provides every day, we suggest 1 can of Beet Performer each day in the week leading up to the competition, then 1-2 cans on race day, approximately 2 hours before the event.

You can read about how Big Sexy Racing incorporates beet juice into regular training in this blog post by BSR coach Karleen Dirmantas.

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