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Juices Offer Functional Health Benefits

The current global pandemic has created an increased focus on health and wellness. Juice Performer juices offer functional health benefits in addition to their performance benefits, which may be of interest specifically during these times.  

Beet Juice
A recent study showed that drinking beet juice during periods of psychological stress protects against cold symptoms. That, in addition to its proven blood pressure benefits, makes beet juice an excellent choice to include in a healthy diet, particularly during this stressful time.

Tart Cherry Juice
Tart Cherry Juice is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. However, it is also a powerful sleep aid, due to naturally occurring melatonin. Many are finding it difficult to sleep with so much upheaval in their lives... a glass of Juice Performer Tart Cherry Juice thirty minutes before bed could increase sleep by ninety minutes per night.

For more information on the science behind Juice Performer, check out our website.

Virtual Races

With so many races and events cancelled in this time of social distancing, many are turning to virtual races or creating their own individual challenges. 

For example, QT2 has been offering a virtual race series with many events upcoming. And Endurance Nation is planning a DIY Triathlon the week of August 24-30. Both QT2 and Endurance Nation offer training plans as well if you need a little guidance and support to get yourself race ready.

We'd love to hear what you are doing to stay engaged and motivated without organized races to train for. And of course, we hope you continue to use our performance enhancing Beet and Tart Cherry juices as part of your training plan.

Amazon Discount Code

Each newsletter you will receive an Amazon discount code. This edition's code, good through the end of July for 25% off one purchase of Juice Performer is SUMMERJP.

We welcome your product reviews to help people learn more about the benefits of Juice Performer Beet and Tart Cherry juices.

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Diversity in Running

We couldn't be more proud to have been partnered with Joseph Gray over the last couple of years! Not only is he an amazing runner (8 Time World Champion!), he has a unique perspective as a Black man in a predominantly white sport.

He wrote an insightful piece for Trail Runner Magazine that gives some insight into his experiences. Runners World also listed Joe as one of the Black voices to listen to in the running community. 

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