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Beet Juice Aids at Altitude

We had a great time at the X Games in Aspen recently, sharing the benefits of our Beet and Tart Cherry juices with the many talented athletes competing. They were thrilled to learn about our natural alternatives to energy drinks and supplements.

Not only did beet juice help these snowboarders and skiers train harder, faster, and longer, the nitrates in beet juice restore blood vessel function, providing them the oxygen their bodies need at high altitudes, while minimizing the symptoms of being at altitude.

For more information on the science behind Juice Performer's Beet Juice, check out our website.

Improve Your Training With Beet Juice

By now you know that beet juice can help your performance and overall health.  But maybe you're not sure the best way to incorporate it into your training.

If you're just getting started with beet juice, we recommend one can of Juice Performer Beet Juice each day for the week leading up to competition, with another 1 to 2 cans on race day, about 2 hours before the event. Any of our delicious flavors - Beet with B12, Beet with Passion Fruit Juice, and Beet with Pineapple Juice - offer the necessary 300mg of nitrates to see a performance benefit.

A recent study showed that supplementing with beet juice for 14 days is more effective than a single pre-exercise dose of beet juice. You may want to consider beginning your beet loading 2 weeks before game day.

However you choose to utilize the power of beet juice and those naturally occurring nitrates, we are happy to be a part of your training! 

For more information on the science behind Juice Performer's Beet Juices, check out our website.

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Training and Nutrition Go Hand in Hand

If you're looking to improve your performance via your diet, you might want to consider consulting the dietitians at The Core Diet.

The Core Diet for Athletes was developed by Jesse Kropelnicki, coach and founder at QT2 Systems, to help athletes live, train, and compete at their optimal level.

Through proper nutrition that includes nutrient rich foods consumed at the right time, the Core Diet will have you performing and living at your very best. 

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