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Sports teams benefit from beet juice!

Beet juice isn't just for endurance athletes. More and more sports teams are recognizing the benefits beet juice can provide to their athletes.

A recent study demonstrated that beet juice enhanced repeated sprint performance and reaction time response during prolonged intermittent exercise, which reflects typical work patterns during team sports.

Another study found similar results. Ten team-sport athletes were subjected to high-intensity cycling tests over multiple days with and without beet juice ingestion. The group taking beet juice sustained significantly higher power during intermittent, high-intensity exercise.

It's no surprise, then, that beet juice is being discovered by sports teams looking for a healthy, all-natural performance boost. Leister City attributes some of their recent success on the soccer field to beet juice. And the Baltimore Ravens are incorporating it as well, stocking their refrigerators with Beet Performer!

To read more about the science behind beet juice, check out our website.

Congrats to Jax Koudele!

We hope you have been following Jax Koudele and her quest to become the first female in the world to complete the 4 Deserts Grand Slam Plus in support of the LymeLight Foundation She recently became the female champion at the Gobi March portion of this race series.

She dominated the woman's field with a final lead of eleven hours and thirty-one minutes, giving her the fastest female time in history for this version of the Gobi March course!

Jax will continue on her Grand Slam Plus journey to the Atacama Crossing in Northern Chile starting on October 2nd. We hope you will join us in cheering for her!

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