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What's the big deal about beet juice, you might be wondering? Here are just some of the ways beet juice can benefit your training and performance:

For more information on the science behind Juice Performer's beet juices, check out our website.

New Research: Tart Cherry Juice

In addition to helping with recovery and sleep, it appears Tart Cherry Juice can improve cognitive function.

A recent study at the University of Delaware showed that Tart Cherry Juice may help to promote improved cognitive functioning and performance. Participants in the study enjoyed improved scores on memory and cognition tests after drinking tart cherry juice every day.

Tart Cherry Juice is a true super food, helping to lower blood pressure, improve sleep, reduce inflammation, and so much more!

For more information on the science behind Juice Performer's Tart Cherry Juice, check out our website.

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Insider Tip!

Did you know that antiseptic mouthwash can cancel out some of the key benefits of exercise? In addition, using mouthwash after drinking beet juice can kill the “good” bacteria in your mouth that convert the nitrates in beet juice to helpful nitric oxide.

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