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Brothers of Phi Kappa Psi 

Our Strong Band Shall Ne'er Be Broken
2016 Fall Chapter Photo
We, the Undergraduates of Minnesota Beta, have taken massive leaps this semester and have asserted ourselves as a top house among the Greek Community. We have set a variety of new precedents for the history of our beloved Fraternity and hope to keep this tradition moving forward in the coming years. We are all very excited to share what we have done as a chapter with our fellow brothers, and hope you can provide us with assistance in moving Phi Kappa Psi forward. 
Remembering What It's All About 
The primary purpose in creating this newsletter is to reconnect with our fellow brothers. This newsletter should serve as a means of connecting, not only with the undergraduate members currently in the chapter, but also with your fellow brothers from your time at Phi Kappa Psi. It is time we come together in remembrance of what Phi Psi has provided for us, during all the good and difficult times, by remembering the oath to our fraternity.
How to Get Involved 
Alumni Fireside Chats  
The Alumni Speaker Series is an opportunity for alumni to come and speak with the chapter. Alumni are welcomed to speak about any topic ranging from Phi Psi stories, career development, and networking. If you are interested in speaking to the chapter or simply attending a chapter meeting please contact our Alumni Relations Chair, Ryder Byrne at  

Alumni Mentorship Program
The mentorship program consists of Alumni being paired with undergraduates based on their major. The goal of these pairings is to help undergraduate brothers gain insight and knowledge about their career path while also creating bonds between brothers and alumni. If you are interested in becoming a mentor please contact our undergraduate mentorship chair Jake Strom at or Zak Krueger at      

Twin Cities Alumni Association 
The Twin Cities Alumni Association is an inclusive alumni association of all Phi Psi alumni within the Twin Cities area. TCAA meet to host Founders Day, social, networking, family, and service events. In addition TCAA also supports the efforts of Minnesota Beta. To get involved in the Twin Cities Alumni Association please contact Peter Dahl at  

Minnesota Beta Housing Corporation 
We take great pride in our chapter house and conduct regular maintenance and renovation on it. Our housing corporation manages our chapter house located at 1609 University Ave SE. To get involved in the Minnesota Beta Housing Corporation please contact Alec Catsuros at 
Community Service Event with Delta Gamma 
Upcoming Events 

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Founders Day
Saturday, Febuary 18, 2017

Check us out online at:
Chapter Update 
Fellow Brothers,  

This past semester for the undergraduate members has been extremely successful, marking new precedents and progress this chapter has never seen before. The Pierce Butler Scholarship saw huge improvements from it's previous infancy in the summer of 2015. The scholarship saw more than 250 applicants and over 50 interviews. We narrowed down the candidates to  well rounded and academically sound recipients, 3 of which pledged the brotherhood. We hope to continue this success for the coming years.

For recruitment, we attained one of the largest pledge classes Minnesota Beta has ever seen, around 29 new members. This was third overall on campus. We are looking to have 10 to 15 new pledges in the Spring as well. Homecoming saw over 50 alumni return home to Minnesota Beta. The Tailgate Brunch was put on by Alumnus Peter Dahl, this wouldn’t have been possible without his generosity and support.  For our Philanthropy this semester, we held our 4th Annual Pumpkin Carving event to support breast cancer research. Hundreds of people came to the event, and we ended up raising over $1,600, the largest donation we’ve seen in years.

Structurally we have changed a lot of the internal workings of the house. We have developed a House Points system, wherein the greater chapter/community involvement a member demonstrates, the more points and rewards they will receive in return. This system has seen success seen through our involvement on campus and can attribute it to the recent success overall as well. We have also moved initiation week to the Spring semester. The reasoning behind this decision was to ensure that we initiate new members who have great academic standing on campus. This process will enable the chapter to receive a higher average GPA.

One of our own has also been elected to the high office of President of IFC. Simon Beck will be representing Phi Psi, as well as the entire Greek community. This is a huge step for Minnesota Beta. We also have great presence on the National level. Nico Suarez currently serves as the District V Archon. He is a necessary and fortunate connection we need with nationals.

As you can see, the undergraduates have excelled in a variety of areas. We have become an extremely relevant fraternity on campus, and are poised to be the top house and Grand Chapter by 2018. The final step in this process stems down to each of you. We can no longer rely solely on the few Alumni who support us. I implore you all to be involved in any capacity you can. Whether it’s speaking, contributing, or getting involved, anything you do is greatly appreciated by the undergrads. Seeing you as examples, gives purpose and meaning to everything we do. If the undergrads see this, I truly believe Minnesota Beta can fly higher than ever before. At the end of the day, it comes down to you. As I leave my office in the coming days, I see a bright and promising future that can only be achieved with your help and support. Thank you to those who have given up so much to help us on along this journey.

Proud to be a Minnesota Beta, and proud to be a member of Phi Kappa Psi.

Forever in the Bond,
Andrew D. Swisher…1611
President of Minnesota Beta Phi Kappa Psi
Homecoming tailgate in the backlot
 Founders Day 2017 

Please join us at Founders Day 2017 at our new location - the Minneapolis Club! All Twin Cities Phi Kappa Psi alumni and undergrads are welcome.

We'll start with a social hour at 6PM. Dinner and presentations should last until 9PM, at which time we'll migrate to a nearby bar for continued brotherhood.

The price of admission is $60. Over the past 10+ years, our costs of putting on Founders Day have risen while our price of admission has not. To ensure we're able to cover our costs and continue planning and executing successful Founders Days well into the future, we deemed this small price increase necessary.

Please reach out to Joey Taralson at, with any questions and suggestions!

Below is the Eventbrite page to register!

Click Here To Register
Twin Cities Alumni Association Update

I write this on Thanksgiving morning. I have just received messages of thanks and love from a number of my Phi Psi Brothers.

This causes me to reflect on all of the joy that being involved with our chapter has brought me this year. There have been opportunities to meet active members, pledged freshmen, and other alumni. Each of the people I've met have been a pleasure, and many of them have become friends. 

I would like to recommend to the readers that they become active with the chapter, whether it be through mentoring or other means. Two great occasions to do so are Homecoming and Founder's Day. The momentum has been building. Each year there are bigger and bigger turnouts. I hope to see more people than ever at the upcoming events.

In the Bond 
Peter Dahl, 1985
 House Corporation Update 
It was great to see many of you at Homecoming! I believe the turnout was nearly double last year and I’m excited to keep building on this new tradition.
As we approach the end of the year, I would like to extend a special thank you to alumnus Brothers Peter Dahl, David George, Andrew Rorvig, and Jeff Stuhr for their contributions to the Minnesota Beta House Corporation over the past year. It has been a great pleasure serving with them. 
We made several improvements to the house this year including:
  • Various common space repairs.
  • Kitchen cleaning.
  • Multiple room renovations.
  • Polishing and buffing the wood floors.
  • New sod on the front lawn.
  • New security camera system that monitors the front and back of the property.
  • Sealing and painting the parking lot.
  • New washers and dryers for the laundry room.
We already have a busy year ahead with a few big-ticket items that will need to be repaired including extensive masonry on the chimney and a new roof. The good news is that our current financials will support these repairs and we won’t need to raise capital.
What we could use is a few new alumni candidates willing to serve in positions on the board! The commitment is only a few hours a month (including a one hour meeting on campus). If you are interested in learning more, please contact me at or 920-606-0070.
Happy Holidays!
Alec Catsuros
MN Beta House Corporation President
Chapter Advisory Council Update
The chapter advisory committee has made big strides over the past several months. We are continually updating and fine tuning our process to be the best that we can be. We are constantly working in coordination with the undergraduates to get them the assistance they need to thrive. We added an alumni member with expertise in finance and budgeting to aid the chapter in that area; one that has been a little more difficult for them in recent school years. The young men are extremely committed to this organization and we are proud to say that the relationship between our two bodies has never been stronger. I would like to extend an enormous thank you to both the chapter leadership as well as my fellow advisers for all their hard work over the past year.

Have a very happy holiday season.

In the Bond,
Dean George
 Homecoming 2017

This year's Homecoming was highlighted by a great weekend at Minnesota Beta. Friday night we kicked off the festivities by watching the parade from the house. Alumni and their families from many different generations were in attendance. Brothers, both undergraduate and alumni, had a chance to communicate and share stories with one another. 

The next day we continued the revelry as we prepared to take on Rutgers for our Homecoming football game. The tailgate was a huge success! Over 50 alumni were in attendance and together we enjoyed the good food and the better company. Special thanks to Brother Dahl who provided us with the wonderful breakfast buffet and helped to organize the event. The Gophers triumphed over Rutgers and we had an outstanding time meeting and catching up with Brothers. We are excited to see more Brothers at next year's Homecoming!

Brothers at Homecoming! 
Alumni Spotlight 
John Stavig 

Brother John Stavig was initiated into Phi Kappa Psi in 1983 and graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1986. John currently serves as the Director of the Holmes Center for Entrepreneurship at the Carlson School, where he develops and teaches experiential courses and connects the school and its students with the entrepreneurial community.
Prior to returning to his alma mater for the second stage of his career, Brother Stavig worked in management consulting and private equity, while serving as CEO, CFO, and board member for several startup companies in the communications industry.  John received his MBA from the Wharton School and spent the bulk of his career in Chicago and London, before returning to Minnesota in 2002 to raise his family.
John says that Phi Psi gave him a tremendous group of lifelong friends. Since returning to Minnesota, John has hosted an annual Christmas dinner with 8-10 other Phi Psi’s and their wives where they try to recall their life together at 1609 University. Brother Stavig also says that Phi Psi helped him break out of his shell and strike a healthy balance between socializing and academics. John was excited to learn about the recent increase of Phi Psi’s studying at the Carlson School and looks forward to getting them involved in the entrepreneurship program!
Mentorship Update
The Phi Psi undergraduates from Minnesota Beta were the founders of the nationally adopted mentorship program, which is intended to connect aspiring undergraduates with successful alumni. This pedigree has spurred our local fraternity to connect 18 current undergraduates, put on mock interviews with a resume work shop, and brought 25 students on 2 corporate site visits, all in the last semester. As a house, we have just over 65% of undergraduates with a committed mentor and we have a goal for this number to be 90%.

With this goal mind, if you would be willing to take part in our program, please contact the email below. Becoming a mentor is not a large commitment as we only expect at least one meet up each semester, along with a continued willingness to check in and stay connected with a Phi Psi undergraduate. Even just a little bit of your time each year could quite literally be life changing for a student with the wisdom and networks that you poses.

Jake Strom
Welcome, 2016 Fall Pledges! Soon to Be Brothers!
We currently have 25 pledges who will be initiated in late January. 
Fall 2016 Pledge Class
Pierce Butler Scholorship 

Scholarship is the number one reason for each of us to go to college and we are, and have been, incredibly fortunate to attend the University of Minnesota. It is our service that others may not hasten away from this great university due to financial issues. With this, the Pierce Butler Scholarship was a great success this past year. Instead of just $3,000 and three scholarships, we moved towards a total of $5,000 and eight scholarships allowing us to reach out to more future brothers of Phi Kappa Psi. A huge thank you to Brothers George, Catsuros, Taralson, Schmitt, Kreuger, Nagel, Been, and Quach for taking the time to be involved with the interview process. Of course, none of this could happen without the help of Brother Dahl and his continuous effort to grow the scholarship. 

We look forward to working with alumni this next year to better the scholarship. If you have any input or would like to be involved with the interview process please feel free to reach out. 

Brother Kolpin... 

The Pierce Butler scholarship showed me how dedicated Phi Kappa Psi was and still is to ensuring the well-being of its potential new members. The funds from the scholarship helped me afford both the costs of college and the costs of becoming a fraternity member. Their generosity, and care for its potential new members ultimately led me to pledge Phi Kappa Psi rather than other fraternities at the University of Minnesota. 

- Noah Robb, Phi Kappa Psi Pledge and recipient of the Pierce Butler Scholarship  
Pierce Butler Scholarship Recipients 
Click here to donate to the Minnesota Beta Chapter Scholarship Fund
 Throwback Photos 
The undergraduates are in the process of digitizing all the photos from past years. Check out our website for more. 
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