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February Monthly Miniature: Dream of the White Rabbit


Would You Follow Down the Hallway?

The second to last of the Monthly Miniature - Rabbits finds Ellie in an elegantly paneled, white room. The palette is minimal, while the composition and detail are more complex. Ellie belongs in this world: she's become accustomed to certain luxuries, yet she has an explorer's heart. She won't stop until she has gone beyond the open door and explored every room down the hallway beyond.

When it came time to start February's Monthly Miniature, I found I had fourteen different rabbit images mocked up and ready to paint, each with its own custom-finished, antique frame. I finally settled on this image for February, but picking the one to complete this series will be really hard. Though I have plenty of rabbit ideas to finish out 2016, I plan to start a new Monthly Miniature series this April (details to come). While the rabbits may make a comeback in 2017, there is only one left to go this year! I hope you enjoy the new series just as much as Monthly Miniature - Rabbits!

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Family Portrait!

It only took around a hundred shots to get this one, but Evan did finally get the whole family. Can you spot all six of us? 

He also took photos for me to reference for a "self-portrait with rabbit" painting that I'll start on sometime next year.  

Have the Rabbits Left the Studio for Good?!

I have made a lot of changes around the house and studio lately, trying to get things in order! I just got a used TV cabinet from craigslist that converted nicely into a cabinet to store art supplies and shipping materials.

The cabinet it replaced was moved upstairs to the living space. There is no back on the cabinet, and it's up against an almost floor-to-ceiling window. Well the rabbits have claimed it: they feel safely contained inside, and they can sit and look out the window (something they have always enjoyed). I hope they don't get too comfortable there or my feet will get cold without them in the studio!

I found a rabbit in the cabinet. You can't hide from me, Charlie!
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