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It's far more than a hash tag: it's the mission of our Council. I'd even say it's the mission of every Council. We spent a lot of time during the merger process discussing possibilities, opportunities, and how we might create an entirely new entity devoted to the idea of helping Scouting Thrive in every community.


Because of this, and the sheer volume of alterations, we've decided to release each decision as it is approved. We continue to welcome your feedback as we go. Over the next 45 days or so, through social media we will make announcements. Each announcement will share the hash tag #ScoutingTHRIVES

This will allow public dialogue about each specific item, and an easy way for anyone to go back through the hashtag to catch up on the conversation. Ultimately we will have a physical launch for the new programs and support during the first few days in January. These events will provide the materials and details for all the programs. [...] The strategies...also come from the listening sessions and unit leader feedback. Most of the listening sessions provided insight into the struggles of running a scout unit and people sought ways to simplify the process and remove obstacles. The top two things unit leaders asked for proactively are:
1. Help recruiting adults (and scouts)
2. Help expanding the outdoor program

As you read the announcements please provide thoughts and feedback and keep those two elements in mind: they should be embedded in everything The Spirit of Adventure Council does.

Please share this blog with your unit parents or others in your scouting community. Also, take a moment to search #ScoutingTHRIVES: it'll provide a few early announcements you may have missed, and provide an overall view of the tone.

Thanks again! 
See you around the campfire,
Chuck Eaton, Scout Executive and CEO

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Featured in Boy's Life

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#letsPLAYoutside  #ScoutingTHRIVES

Seasonal Magazine

The possibilities at New England Base Camp are endless!  Let us help you plan your next adventure.  To get you started, take a look at our new seasonal magazine.  The mission of the magazine is to inspire participation in the outside world through engaging stories, pictures that make you want to go out and do it, and hints and suggestions on how to get the most out of your trip to New England Base Camp. 

You do not want to miss the articles “Kids in their Natural Habitat”, “Bowling at Camp Sayre” and “How does New England Base Camp Work”

Click HERE for the online magazine

#letsPLAYoutside  #ScoutingTHRIVES

The Value of Camp Staff

Submitted by Darrin Johnson, General Manager New England Base Camp

One of my fondest memories within Scouting was when we arrived at Worth Ranch in Palo Pinto, Texas, in the summer of ’87.  It was not my first summer camp experience, it would be the most influential though.  


What I remember most was the staff, and one staff member specifically: John Briggs.  He taught Swimming Merit Badge, and was my favorite staff member that summer.  At the end of that week, I had a goal in Scouting.  It was not to get my Eagle and it was not to go to Philmont.  It was to work the swimming pool at Worth Ranch. 

For the next several years, I went to camp every summer, and every summer I knew that my goal was still to work the swimming pool.  In the summer of ’91, I finally started to work staff.  [...] I spent 8 weeks working at camp.  It would not be for several years before I finally reached my goal of working at the swimming pool, but that did not matter.  Along the way, I discovered something very important about working at summer camps.  You get to know people better then you ever would have if you were not living together at camp...I got to know Mike, Jason, Chris, and Daniel.  That was over 25 years ago and I still talk to them on a regular basis.  Even though we are spread across the world, we make sure to meet up once a year to reminisce about the “good ole days”.

Working staff at a camp is more than just  teaching pioneering or fishing.  It is about discovering who you are and about making friends...Working staff taught me how to talk to adults and kids. It taught me Scouting skills and life skills.  It gave me friends that I call family.  And it allowed me to learn and to grow.

New England Base Camp has multiple staffing opportunities. 
Every weekend, our staff is ensuring that our guests have the opportunity to be out in nature learning new skills.  Each summer, you can chose between any one of the seven different locations to apply and work. 

Working camp will be the best decision you have ever made. 

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