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What’s in it for US?

Submitted by Chris Rogers, Scoutmaster, Troop 507, Winchester

I have been adult leader in Scouting for around 22 years.  Finding better ways to stay organized has always been important to me, as there is only so much time in the day to balance family, work, church and Scouts.

In Scouting, it is important to NOT reinvent the wheel, but to talk to other leaders [to]...Find out who else is doing something better… We are always better off when we share ideas and experiences, right?


Some of the neat features of Scoutbook, are as follows:

  1. Youth are empowered to take control of their own advancement.  Parents know where their sons are in terms of their advancement as well.  No longer do they have to search for the Scout Handbook.  Wherever and whomever is allowed electronic devices, this information is available.  
  2. Each Troop sets the parameters of what is viewable and able to be entered.  
  3. Nobody needs a list of emails or phone #’s of anyone in the Troop.  Youth protection exists, as the parents linked to the Scout are copied on communications.  
(See FIVE more great benefits on the web version of this blog!)

We can have discussions regarding: does Scoutbook do this or does Scoutbook do that?  But, the bottom line is, Scoutbook is here to stay and will improve with time.  Persons like myself, across the country are helping to make suggestions and prioritize future enhancements to Scoutbook.  There is NO perfect program, for any organization.   I recommend you embrace Scoutbook for what it can do for US now!

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