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Spirit of Adventure Council
"Here We Go!" 

What's happening with the service and administrative infrastructure of our Council? Several big things! Check out the highlights here, and be sure to read the full blog on our website and/or Facebook.

Two New Convenient Scout Shops
Starting later this winter two local stores in the Northern portion of the Council will start providing limited Scout supplies, books and uniforms.
Other Administrative and Physical Changes

  • The North Andover Scout Shop will be closing on February 19th
  • The Haverhill Scout Service Center will be closing on or before March 1st
  • The Scout Service Center aspect of the Egan Center will close on or before March 1st
  • The Woburn Scout Service Center will open for Business on or before March 1st
How will this work? (Read the full blog HERE)

What about the space at the Egan center? #letsPLAY
The Egan Center and the New England Base Camp are the program delivery hub for Scouting across Eastern MA and soon New England. While we will maintain a small administrative staff in that location the majority of that highly valuable indoor space will be used for program delivery. Likely an improved STEM Center, Birthday party rooms, Handicrafts and other program features that’ll enhance the quality of the program.

Contact Us
Our Scout Representatives are happy to meet with Your Unit to help develop your annual plan and get the most out of the council resources. Click HERE to set up a meeting!

Summer Program Launch!

Can you feel the energy? Ready to tap into it, and discover what amazing opportunities your unit will have available to them this summer?

Experience the excitement firsthand at one of our three program launch expositions this weekend and next week:

Click HERE for the online magazine to get a preview of what's coming...


Seasonal Magazine

The possibilities at New England Base Camp are endless!  Let us help you plan your next adventure, in order to get the most out of your trip to New England Base Camp. 

Click HERE for the online magazine

#letsPLAYoutside  #ScoutingTHRIVES

NEBC in the Media!

New England Base Camp will be getting some media attention this weekend.  

Start your Sunday off with listening to Mike Mullaney, host of New England Lifestyles on 104.1, interview Darrin Johnson about the program that is offered at Base Camp and the importance of joining Scouting  He is expected to be on around 6:30.  

Then when you have your coffee, open up your Sunday Boston Globe Magazine and check out the article “16 new ways to have fun in Boston in 2016”.  

New England Base Camp is listed as one of the top places to go to in 2016. 

Call today to make your winter or spring reservation- 617-615-0004.

#letsPLAYoutside  #ScoutingTHRIVES

Spirit of Adventure Council
District Committee Workshop 

If you've been meaning to sign up, but haven't yet, we still would love to see you at the District Committee Workshop this Saturday, January 9th. We are accepting walk-ins!

If you are a District Committee Chair, District Committee Member, or someone that's interested in seeing Scouting thrive in your community, then we need you to attend. The workshop is being held from 8-1 this Saturday at St. Margaret's School - 111 Winn Street in Burlington.

So feel free to come on by!  If you can send Jon Pleva an email with a heads up that you are planning on attending.

Contact Us
Our Scout Representatives are happy to meet with Your Unit to help develop your annual plan and get the most out of the council resources. Click HERE to set up a meeting!


Scout Shabbat
February 5, 2016

Once again, Temple Emanu-El in Haverhill, Massachusetts has offered to host Scout Shabbat on Friday, February 5th, 2016. 

Scout Shabbat offers an opportunity for Scouts to show their duty to God, an integral part of the Scout Oath/Promise, and allows worshipers to honor Scouts and Scout Leaders in the community for their achievements and service.  This is done as part of the standard Jewish Friday Night Service. 

Last year, over 100 Scouts from the area participated in this event and I ask for your assistance in spreading the word. The event is open to all Scouts and their families, regardless of religious affiliation. 

For more information on Scout Shabbat, please visit the National  Jewish Committee on Scouting's web site HERE 

There is no charge for this event and all Scouts who attend in uniform will receive a commemorative patch. 

           Yours in Scouting, 
                   Barry Hantman 
                   Jewish Committee on Scouting 



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