Under 12 Lads and Dads Tour
Our under 12 age group went to Bunbury for our third year in a row for our annual Dads and Lads Tour.

It was a wonderful weekend and the Dads and Lads stayed in the Lord Forrest Hotel.

These weekends are always so good for team bonding between the Lads, but also the Dads.

On the Sunday we played a game against the “Bunbury Spirit” team which is a select group of the best payers taken from the 3 Bunbury based clubs.

The game was played in very good spirit, but our Joondalup boys were much too strong for their combined team.

Our Man Of The Match went to Marcus, well done to him.

Also, being the winning team  our boys won the “Spirit Cup”.

A very big thanks goes out to Matt Brooks for organising another fantastic Dads and Lads weekend away.
Junior Match Reports
Under 12 Gold - 1 September 
Our boys ended the normal season in second position on the ladder, and on Saturday they played their first semi final, against the number 1 team Perth Bayswater. Recently we had got to within 5 points of beating them. On Saturday our boys had a very good warm up and they took that to their game. For the first 15 minutes we were playing in the opposition half and we had them under consistent pressure, forcing them to defend for a long periods. However, we were not able to convert pressure into points. Then Perth Bayswater got a runaway try, and they got another one before half time too. The halftime score was the 14 nil to Perth Bayswater.

In the second half Perth Bayswater got into their groove and they started running their big, heavy forwards at us, and our boys battled to contain them, falling off numerous tackles. The final score was 40 – 7 to Perth Bayswater. Our try scrorer was Daniel and Travis converted the kick. Our boys take on Wanneroo this Saturday, and they must win if they want to go through the Grand Final against Perth Bayswater.  
Under 12 Gold - 25 August

Our boys played Nedlands, and again the first half was a very close match. Our boys managed to dominate in the second half and powered away to win 56 to 14, which was 8 tries to 2.

Although the scrums were uncontested, unfortunately, our boys played a smart game and played most of the rugby in the Nedlands half which paid big dividends for us. Well done to the all the boys, and the try scorers were Ruiz and Daniel who both scored 2, and Jordan, Whetu, Travis and Ed who scored 1 each. Very well done to Travis who was successful with 7 out of his 8 kicks. Man Of The Match went to Ruiz, who played a great game.

We now more on to the finals and have a tough game this Saturday against the so far unbeaten Perth Bayswater. Our boys seem to be improving each week, and we expect that to continue. Well done boys.
Under 14 - 25 August
Last round of the regular season saw the Brothers travel to Tompkins Park (yet again!) to take on 5th place Palmyra.
A few absentees due to sickness and injury left the Brothers thin on rotations but the versatility of the squad has been a strength all season and players shifted positions with no dramas.  The lollies gave the boys an extra kick for the game and by the time kick off arrived the sugar rush had definitely kicked in!
Straight from the kick off it was apparent that Palmyra were going to try and stop the Brothers with a physical approach.  The tackles were flying in and rucks were physical.  The Brothers kept their composure and played patiently retaining the ball and shifting it to the middle giving the Brothers options on either side.  The Brothers dominated possession early on but execution let the Brothers down.
It took 12 minutes to see the first try of the game.  With the ball being shifted away from the rucks the Brothers broke the gain line with every hit up.  Some excellent ruck work from the pods eventually made space for Seth Reweti to power through for a well worked try to put the Brothers in the lead 5-0.
From the restart the ball was put high which Lucius Gouws bravely contested, however, a blatant shoulder charge made contact to the jaw leaving him worse for wear!  The game was delayed whilst first aid was administered and Lucius was conscious and smiling whilst being stretchered off the field...the guy is hard as nails!!
The referee only awarded a penalty for the challenge which is beyond belief! If it went to TMO it was a straight red at least!
Regardless, the Brothers banded together and took the game to Palmyra, not only in their usual clinical play but upped the physicality of their own all for their fallen comrade!
The Brothers met the physical challenge head on and really upped the tempo.  A few minutes of some attacking pressure paid off and Seth Reweti cut through for his second of the game for a 10-0 lead.
Due to the injury delay half time was called after only 12 minutes of play.
With the sun now beating down the Brothers came out in the second half looking to turn the screw and pressure Palmyra into submission.  The physicality was reversed and it was now the Brothers who were flying into the contact with and without the ball.  Jay Aranui was running hard and direct bouncing off would be defenders and Seth Reweti was hitting hard at everything who run at him.
The forwards were now winning the contact and the ball retention was clean and fast.  This gave a perfect platform for Mitch Wood to control the game at half back.  The quick service from Mitch gave  Khodi Rangi-Ruawai time and space to distribute the ball wide out which suited the Brothers game plan.  With the ball being shifted quickly to wide channels Ryan Mcgloin had the perfect platform to put players in space.  
It was only a matter of time for gaps to appear and Ryan Mcgloin took full advantage and accelerated through a gap to score his first of the game to stretch the lead.  Ruben Lategan adding the extras for a 17-0 lead.
The Brothers were now on top and Palmyra’s defence was less affective as the space was being opened up out wide. Aiden Kirby-Smith was carrying well backed up with the ever present front rowers cleaning out ferociously.
Ryan Mcgloin was putting players in space with every touch, this time it was Alex Allen, Alex receiving the ball in space 40 meters out showed his pace and powered through the covering defenders for a try in the corner.  The Brothers lead now 22-0.
A clever kick over the top by Mitch Wood from the kickoff put the pressure back on Palmyra and with the turnover the Brothers patience eventually brought a string of penalties from Palmyra and a yellow card for repeated infringements was issued.  A quick tap saw Ryan Mcgloin ghost through for his second of the game.  Ruben Lategan adding the extras for a 29-0 lead.
Palmyra had no answer to the Brothers intensity.  From the restart Reuben Hickey fielded the ball a cheeky dummy and a well timed offload put Mitch through a gap at pace a couple of fends and Mitch outpaced the defence to score from 55 meters.  Ruben Lategan adding the conversion pushing the score out to 36-0.
With the Palmyra crowd now challenging the referees decisions and baying for him to even the numbers a yellow card was given to Kaes Reweti for a high tackle which clearly was at chest height!
This seemed to fire up the Brothers, minutes later some aggressive defence from Henry Miller, Seth Reweti and a Jay Aranui pile driver saw the ball come loose on the Brothers 22 meter line.  Ryan Mcgloin reacted quickest and hacked the ball through and chased.  With some silky soccer skills he dribbled the ball until a favourable bounce saw the ball pop up to his hands and outpaced the defence for a hat trick try under the posts.  Ruben Lategan again adding the conversion making it 43-0.
The heat and some slight knocks forced the Brothers to reshuffle the pack for the final quarter.  Palmyra sensing an opportunity put together some phases to score a converted try. 43-7.
The final score went the Brothers way.  The Palmyra defence now waning gave Khodi a chance to weave his magic and laid the ball on to the Brothers runners.  Ruben Lategan, now playing scrum half was finding space and a charge for the line was halted by a high tackle five meters out.  Good ball retention gave Reece Pedley an opportunity to pick and drive and he appeared to vault over the defence to score his first of the season.  Ruben Lategan adding the conversion for a final score of 50-7.
The Brothers really upped the intensity for the last round of the regular season and with it were crowned Minor Premiers with a nearly perfect season winning 13 out of 14 games.
Mixed emotions after the game with both Mitch and Lucius doubtful for the semi final clash against Wanneroo next week.
However, the Brothers have shown all season that they can adapt and overcome and with the versatility throughout the squad the Brothers will confidently go and give it their all.
Today the Brothers showed that they can attack from all angles, whether it’s through the forwards or out wide.  Every player contributes to the game and makes it difficult to pick a man of the match.  Seth Reweti again showed his metal despite playing with a suspected broken finger, his attacking and defensive game is of equal measure and when the going got tough today, he upped the intensity and aggression and fired up the boys.

Jay Aranui was immense today, his tackles were hard and his ball carrying strong.  As we all know, he loves the contact and lining people up to smash, however, we saw how affective he can be with some impressive footwork and evasion skills.
Man of the match went to captain Ryan Mcgloin, his game management was perfect, he took his hat trick well but more importantly he led the team in attack and defence.  Ryan has come in this season and brought with him his experience and leadership which has rubbed off on all the squad which was lacking last season.
The Brothers are playing attractive rugby with control, patience and maturity beyond their years.  The hard work they’ve put in throughout the season has now given them the opportunity to challenge for the premiership cup.  Whatever happens in the next few weeks they can be proud of their efforts and progression this season.  

Under 15 - 18 August
U15 Blue 22, Kalamunda 7, and early start for the blues today at Kalmunda, 08:00 kick off and it was evident that this was not going to be an easy match, the blues forwards were playing well today against a well drilled pack and it was not long before they had the advantage near the Kala line, they group and Sean managed to drive over for the first try, Blues 5 Kala 0. Some great play from both side now with the game flowing well but there was a great kick from Austin which Jayden chased down and managed to ground for the second try Blues 10 Kala 0, it was Kalas turn now though with a great back line move to score in the corner and convert Blues 10 Kala 7. Into the second half now and Kala come out all guns blazing but the Blues absorbed the pressure and Hoggy managed to get over for a try, Blues 15 Kala 7 and still very much in the game, lots of relentless pressure now from Kala which the forwards defended well, Brandan driving well today. Then came a touch of magic from the backline which put the speedster Jayden into space to score, Blues 22 Kala 7.  The final whistle blew with the Blues claiming the minor premiership! Great result. MVP today was awarded to Brandan for his great driving skills.
Under 15 - 25 August
U15 Blue 70 Associates 0, today wasn’t going to a pretty spectacle with the top of the table playing the bottom, and it was evident from the kick off and within 30 seconds was the first try!. Many tries followed some great played and fait play to the Associates they battled on through the game, the try tally was as follows:
Sean X1
Jak X1
Jan X4
Kobi X1
Jayden X2
Preston X2
Antony X1
Ewan X1 C
Austin X3 C
Kobi X1 C

MVP today was awarded to Preston  for his dynamic speed!

Under 15 - 1 September Semi-Final
Today was a big challenge for the table toppers against 2nd Bayswater, and you could feel the intensity as the game kicked off at Curtin. . The earlier game saw Kalamunda loose to Rockingham 12 5. It was an intense start from both sides with the pressure piling on from Bayswater. A lineout close to our line not contested but the blues managed to hold on. Then a touch of class from Sean who stepped out on the right to pass to the speedster Jayden for the first try, Blues 7 Baysie 0. The next was from a great forwards move piling the pressure on then Neil piled over Blues 12 Baysie 0. A great try next from Baysie to the left corner Blues 12 Baysie 5. It was getting close to half time and the pressure from Baysie was relentless but the a mistake which Jayden capitalized to break free from our 10m there was no catching him and he was under the posts, Blues 19 Baysie 5. Then more pressure from Baysie and another class try this time from Hayden Blues 19 Baysie 12. Now the intensity of the game was insane and the pressure was building and all of a sudden it was a draw with another try from Baysie Blues 19 Baysie 19. The crowd were in for an epic show today with the game head to head and equal surely the next score wins! Then from a lineout on the Baysie 10m a great pass from Austin out to Jan to score to the left. Blues 24 Baysie 19 phew what a great game. MVP today was awarded to Ewan for all of his 1% in the background cleaning out and tackling!
Under 16 - 25 August

As we arrived at Rockingham  to take on the reigning Premiers on the last day of the regular season there was an air of apprehension amongst the squad. With a key player having picked up injury in recent days and another not being available for selection  the squad  seemed a little depleted from the regular active bodies. This was on top of the knowledge that Rockingham haven't lost in their previous forty-five games. Through the warm up the team weren't looking up for the challenge that lay before them. Brothers U16 were welcomed onto the pitch with Rockingham performing the Haka, as our lads stood and respected the challenge , they didn't flinch as the Rocky boys got into their faces. Ruben Smuts gathered his team afterwards and allowed the moment to pass not allowing Rockingham the sought after effect.   The game didn’t get off to the desired start for Rockingham, as Joondalup played with a ferociousness not witnessed before and met the physicality of the Rocky forwards blow for blow, and with the backs allowed to probe through the quick distribution of  Josh Bedworth  allowing wingers Charlie Pilcher, Dane Luitingh along with our centre backs Wayne Mataruse  ,Deeken O'Connell, & Francois Bezuidenhout we looked the far better side. The pressure was relentless as Rockingham struggled to exit their own half, the defence from both sides was gladiatorial, the constant pressure being put on the Rockingham defence soon built up as the 1st penalty was awarded unfortunately wide, nevertheless, the persistent pressure  eventually led to points with Rockingham infringing allowing Camron Ngatai to slot over the 3 pointer, the half ended with no further score Brothers led 3-0.

The 2nd started unsurprisingly, Rockingham came at Joondalup with everything it had. Again the defence of  Josh Liebold Gabe Price  Klani Small & Ruben Smuts (c)  was brave to the point of recklessness. The contest at the scrum was also intense as Rockingham targeted MOM Josh Duff on his 1st start at THP due to a season ending injury to our regular prop Duncan McIassac. The tight 5 of Duff, Price, Goreham Gilbert & Howard took everything the big Rocky pack threw at them, and slowly we commanded the set piece as the game progressed. When changes were made , the intensity could've dwindled, however, the replacements  Sullivan, Cawley, Armstrong and Uys made no difference to our intensity as the spirit and courage of the whole team including those still on the bench was immense. Rockingham reverted to their time honoured tactic, kick for touch off any Joondalup infringement and Maul to the line. Rockingham didn't factor in the determination of our ruck defence and were unable to capitalise on this practice, Rockingham, did score in the 16 minute as miss-communication between our centres saw both close in for the tackle allowing Rocky to spin the ball out wide to the extra man and score out wide. In recent times this would've brought our heads down, Saturday however, the opposite occurred and Joondalup picked up the pace. Both teams looked to get the ball in hand but a series of loose passes & knock-ons  saw most of the play in the middle of the field until an almighty break from flanker Kalani Small who clattered his way past several defenders before Ngatai' saw the defensive disparity out wide as the ball was recycled , Liebold showed great strength to plough through his man and score, the extras missed as the ball hit the crossbar. With moments remaining the game was a mass of collisions as both sides defended no quarter given and as the final whistle sounded giving us an 8-5 victory the reaction from the bench Lundie, Smith and Roberts demonstrated  the feeling of the whole squad as they sprinted to join and savour their teams victory.  The courage shown Saturday will be essential again Saturday with  players having season ending injuries and one returning  to Ireland . Lads the Monkey is off your backs and you showed what a collective team can do . Well done all & wishing a speedy recover to Ruben & Duncan. 

Under 16 - 1 September Semi-Final
The Brothers season progression continued in fine fettle, with a well deserved compelling back to back win over a powerful Rockingham side – that certainly had no intentions of letting the Brothers side prevent them from progressing straight into the Grand final in this semi final show down on Saturday. Camron Ngatai received the kick off loading towards the eager forwards setting in motion an opening that was to provide a platform that the Brothers were never to relinquish. The brothers threatened from the moment they retrieved the kick and played Rockingham at their own game with close quarter hit ups putting Rockingham in reverse unable to gain any possession after 3 phases the 1st penalty of the day was hoofed down into Ricky's territory . From the ensuing lineout  #12 Deekan O'Connell crashed into the defensive wall, quickly recirculated into the hands of Michael van Jaarsveld who with grit & dominance steamrolled through the Rockingham defence scoring from half way opening our account in the 7th minute successfully converted by Ngatai. Rockie's  woes then only increased, when Ngatai  added three more on the quarter hour to raise the deficit to two scores. Predictably perhaps, Rockingham composed themselves and put some phases together leading to a penalty putting them on the score card. Brothers then responded back with a quick-fire try from Dane Luitingh at fullback after players quickly passed along the line to the wing where it was dotted down after Dane exploited a found gap in midfield exploited and run in taking the opportunity before him. Rockingham aren't a team that capitulates and when Rockingham got the ball, they kept hold of it and prodded and probed the Brothers defence for an opening. After 22 minutes, they got the ball wide from a pick & drive, and the ball transferred through to their centre powering in to score to put the game in the balance as the conversion brought the game to a nail biting 15-10 nevertheless the relentless pressure from brothers led to another opportunity from a long distance penalty seconds before the short whistle and Ngatai sealed the half with a wonderful strike ending the half 18-10 .

There was no let up in physicality as the half started however  the opening exchanges after the break were evenly contested in midfield, with both sides determined to play rugby. Much of the early part of the 2nd half was equally contested in midfield, with no one gaining the dominance, the impasse  however was eventually broken when we broke the cardinal rule ' Play to the Whistle" as we knocked on the team froze waiting for the referee to announce the scrum , the quick thinking Rocky winger gathered the loose ball and darted down the tram lines to put Rockingham in the lead for the first time with a converted try.  Several penalty opportunities were presented our way but to no avail at the clock ticked on a moment of inspirational brilliance brought the game back in our favour as Charlie Pilcher chased a clearing kick tackling the receiving player  turning the ball over as the forwards arrived one of our unsung heroes Jack Gilbert rumbled towards the line flicking the pass out to MOM Jaarveld to finish off a passage of brilliant team work. The final moments tense as the supporters sensed another victory and passage to the grand final and as the whistle blew it was difficult to identify who the happier were, players or parents. Afterwards and sporting a massive grin – injured captain Ruben Smuts  was full of praise for the entire squad after winning 23-17. Although a great day we must continue to prepare for the challenge ahead and remain focused for the game ahead.

 Well done all.

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