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Newsletter #14 - Autumn 2017

A brand new newsletter full of new compositions, projects and concerts by our members. MatchingArts Collective member Peter Kann wrote the very interesting article ‘Music in Translation’, pianist Henry Kelder premieres Remy Alexander's ‘Twerk dBlaus’ in Italy and the U.S.A., Jurrien Sligter is artistic director of Gamelan Ensemble Gending and they are working on an inspiring music theater piece, which will premiere on the 12th of November, and the 3rd Keuris Composers Contest invites composers to send in new pieces for either Youth Symphony Orchestra or piano trio.
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The 3rd Keuris Composers Contest is looking for scores. Composers of all nationalities and ages are welcome to write pieces for 1) ensemble: violin, cello and piano OR 2) youth symphony orchestra. The Final Concert will be held on May 12th 2018 in Flint, Amersfoort, The Netherlands.

Deadline for compositions and application: February 1st 2018. See the website for rules and more info.

Featured new compositions
FROM THE LIFE OF THE MODERN MUSICIAN - Column by Daan van den Hurk
That being a musician requires a lifestyle different and sometimes misunderstood by most non-musicians is very common for us. And whether it is being asked to perform an entire recital for under €50 (it’s hardly an hour that you’re playing!”) or to compose a piece in your free time (“but it is what you like to do most, isn’t it?”) every musician has had their share of feeling misunderstood in the effort they are making.
Last June I was at Schiphol Airport to fly to London to play at a silent film weekend. I had to accompany a short French avant garde film with original music by Erik Satie. I was excited, because I never knew Satie had written music for film.
To avoid the problem of having to page turn over 20 pages, I downloaded the sheet music to my iPad, and used a little footswitch to turn the page. At the security of Schiphol I had to take the foot pedal out of my hand luggage for scanning. The security guard asked what that weird looking thing was. I told him proudly I was a musician and that it was a foot pedal for turnng pages, so that I didn’t need to lift my hands off of the keyboard. The guard looked at the device, sighed softly and replied: “I really can’t get over the fact how lazy the young people have become these days...”



Translation is usually associated with language. Though it also applies to other subjects, the first definition given in most dictionaries is: ‘the act of rendering one language into another’. We can expand this definition to mean: transferring the content of one form to another. For people who are bilingual, translation is a daily fact of life; learning a new language involves translation, it becomes one’s reality. It also becomes a metaphor. I myself am bilingual, I work as a translator, and in addition, I am a musician. The metaphor, as well as the pure activity of translation is very attractive in terms of music. Musicians are very much involved in acts of translation in all aspects of their craft. Sergei Rachmaninoff was known for being able to play a piece of music by ear after having heard it only once, regardless of the complexity. The skill on its own is not uncommon among musicians but the degree of his ability certainly was. This entails an act of translation, of rendering the content of the music he heard into the action of his fingers on the keyboard.

Staying with examples of virtuoso pianist/composers, Franz Liszt did much for the promotion of such works as Beethoven’s symphonies and Wagner’s operas through performances, but also certainly through his piano transcriptions of these works. Bach’s organ works were often transcribed for the piano, notably by Liszt, but also by composers such as Eugen d’Albert and Feruccio Busoni. Here again, content from one medium is translated into another. Liszt wrote concerning his transcriptions, “In matters of translation, there are some exactitudes that are the equivalent of infidelities”, with which he meant, precise or literal translation from one instrumental medium to another doesn’t always work. His Beethoven transcriptions are a testament to that fact. Getting the ‘character’ of the music right is sometimes a question of changing the terms of the original to accommodate the new medium. The same is of course true for arranging, anyone who has done any arranging will be aware of the work of translating the character of a piece from one set of instruments to another. 

My experience with translation (of languages) has convinced me that translation is more than just a matter of words. It involves taking the content, the meaning of a text and transferring it into a different set of cultural values. Idiomatic expressions differ, styles vary; an informal expression in one language may be taken the wrong way in another. The content of a text translated into a certain language must obey the rules of that language in its expression. To put it another way: a medium, in this case a language, has its own bias and thus influences content. At this point, I’d like to introduce some ideas developed by Marshall Mcluhan. Best known as a media guru and famous for the saying, “The medium is the message”, Mcluhan was primarily a professor of English literature, fascinated by all aspects of language. (For the rest of the article click here)

Twerk dBlaus (2014), a piece for piano by MatchingArts Collective member Remy Alexander, has been premiered by Henry Kelder in Capua, Italy on October 20th. November 6th the piece will have its American premiere at University of Arizona Tucson. Twerk dBlaus is available for free in our webshop.


A contemporary theatrical concert with the extraordinary combination of Javian gamelan, Western String Quartet, singer and actress.

The inflammatory letters of the Javanese princess Raden Adjeng Kartini (1879-1904), who died giving birth. The razor sharp writings of the Indonesian activist, writer and journalist Ayu Utami (Bogor, 1968). These are the starting points for the brand new music theatre performance by Boudewijn Tarenskeen and Jonás Bisquert for gamelan ensemble Gending, string quartet Doelen Quartet, soprano Bernadeta Astari and actress Romy Roelofsen.

November 12 - Red Sofa, De Doelen - Rotterdam
November 19 - Theater Kikker - Utrecht
November 30 - Korzo - Den Haag
December 1 - Ostade A'dam - Amsterdam
December 2 - Willem Twee Concertzaal - Den Bosch
December 6 - Ainsi - Maastricht

More info:


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Highlighted Events

28: Rondom Paganini - Cruquius, Netherlands (Concert)
29: Tchaikovsky Seasons - Amersfoort, Netherlands (Concert)

02-12: November Music - Den Bosch, Netherlands (Festival)
05: Podium Klassiek EIndhoven: Daan van den Hurk - Endhoven, Netherlands (Concert)
06: Solo Recital - Tucson, USA (Concert)
07: Piano Trio - Tucson, USA (Concert)
09: Piano Trio - Tucson, USA (Concert)
11: Fenix Music Factory: Daan van den Hurk - Rotterdam, Netherlands (Concert)
12: Der Letzte Mann - Amsterdam, Netherlands (Concert)
25: New Arrivals - VONK - Den Bosch, Netherlands (Concert)
26: Zolderkamertjesklassiek - Eindhoven, Netherlands (Concert)

04: European Tour LUDWIG & Barbara Hannigan - Amsterdam, Netherlands (Concert)
05: European Tour LUDWIG & Barbara Hannigan - Luxembourg, Luxembourg (Concert)
07: European Tour LUDWIG & Barbara Hannigan - Vienna, Austria (Concert)
10: Zolderkamertjesklassiek - Eindhoven, Netherlands (Concert)
11: European Tour LUDWIG & Barbara Hannigan - Hamburg, Germany (Concert)
13: European Tour LUDWIG & Barbara Hannigan - Aix-en-Provence, France (Concert)
15: European Tour LUDWIG & Barbara Hannigan - Dortmund - Germany (Concert)

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