A newsletter to bid farewell to 2017! Featuring an Intermezzo with Peter Greve and info about the first Nederlands Silent Film Festival.
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Newsletter #15 - December 2017

It’s almost winter and soon 2017 will make place for 2018; it’s the time to think back on the past year and to make plans for the new one. We had a wonderful year and we are very happy and grateful for the beautiful new pieces that we got to publish in our webshop. We intend to keep this going in 2018 and we are always looking for ways to give our pieces even more publicity, so stay tuned!
In this last newsletter of the year composer Peter Greve will share some insight into his 'Sonata' for flute and piano. Henry Kelders Double Concerto for soprano and alto saxophone was premiered last spring and the recording of this premiere is now available on YouTube! The Keuris Composers Contest is still open for applications so take your chance and compose a piece for either Youth Symphony Orchestra or piano trio. And something very special is about to happen in January: the very first edition of the Nederlands Silent Film Festival will take place in Eindhoven!

We wish you all happy holidays and best wishes for the new year with lots of new music!

The MatchingArts Collective team:
Tim Coenen, Daan van den Hurk, Anne-Maartje Lemereis & Henry Kelder

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The 3rd Keuris Composers Contest is looking for scores. Composers of all nationalities and ages are welcome to write pieces for 1) ensemble: violin, cello and piano OR 2) youth symphony orchestra. The Final Concert will be held on May 12th 2018 in Flint, Amersfoort, The Netherlands.

Deadline for compositions and application: February 1st 2018. See the website for rules and more info.

Featured new compositions

INTERMEZZO - Peter Greve about 'Sonata' for flute and piano

The basic elements for the ‘Sonata’ for flute and piano where already there in 1957, but back then I had neither the time nor the technique to make it into a coherent piece of music. I did have both after retiring in 2001, so the current version was finalised in 2005.
Different contrasting stylistic elements come together in this sonata: in the first movement an atonal 12-tone row appears over a tonality-suggesting pedal-tone on D, a fast rhythmical first theme versus a calm, rhythmically free-floating second theme, a contrapuntal development and a shortened reprise in which both themes are combined.
The second movement had an impressionistic nature: the ‘Larghetto’ evokes the atmosphere of a tropical aquarium in which veil-tail fish court each other and chase each other. The ‘Presto’ intermezzo for piccolo describes the small insects skating over the surface of the water and quickly moving back and forth.
The third movement has a folkloristic background: impressions of a journey through Turkey that I made in 1956 and where I heard a lot of Turkish folk music. The music in this movement is a free fantasy on what I heard back then; no authentic Turkish melodies were used. 

You can find the sheet music for Peter Greve's 'Sonata' for flute and piano on our website and a full recording is available on YouTube: Movement 1 Movement 2 Movement 3 
(Recorded by Petr Hladik (flute) and Lucie Kaucká (piano) on Navona Records (2017))

FROM THE LIFE OF THE MODERN MUSICIAN - Column by Daan van den Hurk
Your finger slips
And you think 'Oops
My career is over now'
Everyone who heard it
Hates it
I can't wait to get up and bow

And from musician to musician
We say
'I'll never make mistakes'
But know that just those irrigularities
can differenciate the 'reals'
from the 'fakes'
So play with passion
With expression
And please never be afraid
When it’s difficult
It needs to sound difficult
So it’s OK then to be too late
Don’t think the listener
Will judge you
We know you want to play what the composer wrote
But let your love for music
Be human
And embrace 
That wrong note



In March 2017 Henry Kelder's Double Concerto for soprano saxophone, alto saxophone and string orchestra was premiered in Wroclaw, Poland by our member Johan van der Linden, Ryszard Zoledziewski and the Karol Lipinski Academy Chamber Orchestra with our member Henry Kelder as conductor himself. Listen to the recording on YouTube here.


From January 12 to 14 the first edition of the Nederlands Silent Film Festival will take place in Pand P Eindhoven. An entire weekend filled with classic silent films from the 1910's and 20's. Traditionally the films will be accompanied with an improvised score performed by widely renowned film musicians such as Maud Nelissen and Daan van den Hurk, who is also the artistic director of the festival. During the festival a number of contemporary stop motion films will be screened, created and live accompanied by pianist and composer Anne-Maartje Lemereis.
Two highlights of the weekend are the opening night on Friday with F.W. Murnau's spectaculair film FAUST (1926) and the Slapstick Saturday with films by the two greatest silent film comedians Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton. Chaplin's biographer and film historic David Robinson will be a special guest at the festival and will give one of the three lectures.

The last lecture on Sunday 15:00 might be especially interesting for musicians. Not only will film-pianist Daan van den Hurk talk about the art and history of film accompaniment, a large section of the 45 minutes is reserved for members of the audience who want to give it a try themselves. There will be room for experiment, comments and the effects of the music to the film.
More information, the rest of the program and the online ticket office can be found at
The MatchingArts Collective newsletter is open for input from alle members. Did you attend a concert, play a newly written work, do you organise an interesting festival, hear about a composers contest or just want to share a thought? Feel free to send an email to
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