Spring Share Week #1  April 5 to 11, 2015

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Pickup Instructions 
Boxes will be labeled "My Fine Homestead & your last name".


Spring Green - Thursday 4/9, Noon - 4pm (usually 5pm but this week they close at 4pm) unless we have made individual arrangements. Gail will give you your box. 

Bruce Co. Thursday 4/9, 1 - 6 pm. Go to the Plant Desk and tell them you are there to collect your My Fine Homestead box. They will direct you to it.

Transformations Thursday 4/9, 1:30 - 6pm. You will find your box in the front entry.

Muscoda & Richland Center You will follow the individual arrangements we made with you.

Lily, one of this year's baby goats, with some of our laying hens.

On the farm . . .

Bill has finished with maple syrup for this season. Night temperatures are now too warm for the sap to run. He is cleaning up equipment before he puts it away until early next spring.

So we turn to preparing fields for planting, caring for bedding plants in the greenhouse and getting organized for the busy time to come. 

It is an exciting time on the farm - full of hope and promise, new baby goats and long awaited green growth. We are sure we can accomplish all the new projects we have come up with over the winter - as well as the ones from the last years' that are still waiting to be completed.

I imagine some goals soon deemed "not as important" will be left undone as there is never as much time or energy as we believe in the flush of Spring's potential.

But for now - we are giddy with all that we will do this year!

Have a great week - Stacey


Steam coming off our maple sap evaporator a few days ago.

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Since some of you are new to our farm, I thought I'd introduce us as best I can for now. Starting on the left is me (Stacey), Bill, Marlee, Liam and Aidan. Hi! We hope you enjoy your first box of produce.

In Your Box This Week:

Spinach - Did you know that spinach stems are very tasty? Some say they are the best part of spinach. If you are eating your spinach raw - try leaving the stems. However if you are cooking your spinach you may want to remove the stems first and add them to the pan a little before the leaves as they take longer to cook. Here is a link to a recipe for sautéing the stems only. I can't wait to try it!

Red Mustard & Red Russian Kale Mix - The mustard makes this a spicier mix. A great way to add more flavor to your sandwich, burrito or pita pocket.

Green Lentil Sprouts - These are great for snacking, in salads or try stirring them into your scrambled eggs before removing them from the pan. Here is a great link for lots of sprout ideas & recipes

My salad idea for the week is to toss the spinach with the mustard & kale mix, add a handful of lentils, top with walnut pieces and grated parmesan cheese. Last drizzle with olive oil & balsamic vinegar. Optional - add a sliced hard boiled egg.


Reminder - While we rinse all the greens in a cold water bath after harvest, you may want to wash them again before eating.


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