Spring 2018 Newsletter
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Summer 2018 Newsletter

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Upcoming Events!

  • August 4-5: BACPS Annual Show and Sale, Hyatt Regency Sonoma Wine Country, Santa Rosa, CA
  • August 3-5, ICPS Conference/Carnivorous Plant Show and Sale, Hyatt Regency Sonoma Wine Country, Santa Rosa, CA
  • September, Informal Social Event, date and location TBD

BACPS Show and Sale 

Date:  Saturday, August 4th - Sunday, August 5th
Time: Saturday: 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Sunday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Location: Hyatt Regency Sonoma Wine Country
170 Railroad Street
Santa Rosa, CA, 95401
Program: Bay Area Carnivorous Plant Society Annual Show and Sale

Join us for the Annual BACPS Show and Sale! This year the show and sale is being held in a new location in Santa Rosa and is being held concurrently with the International Carnivorous Plant Society Conference. Conference participation is not required and is separate from the show.

We need volunteers!
Volunteers get to be in the center of the action and have a great time! This year we need more volunteers than ever and we have a sweet reward for your efforts. Volunteers will get a ticket to attend one ICPS conference talk! (Paid attendees get priority and priority seating above volunteers, but hey, who cares right? It's free! Except for your time of course.)  Go to the Volunteers Spreadsheet and see what times and activities are available. Do it now and do it fast before all the spots are taken! Then Contact Us with activity, times and dates you want to enter. There is a delay in updating the spreadsheet so put in alternate times and days.

Enter your plants!
The show is open to anyone wishing to Display or Sell plants. We encourage all participants to display as many specimens as possible. Prizes include ribbons and gift certificates to California Carnivores.

Entering your plants: Plants must be entered between 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM on Saturday, August 4th. All registrants must fill out a plant registration form for each plant. If you are unable to get to the venue in time for registration on Saturday, you can drop off your plants with their entry forms at California Carnivores during the week before the show. They will be transported to the show for you. All show entries are to remain on display until Sunday at 4:00 p.m. Plants that are not picked up after the show on  Sunday will be taken to California Carnivores for you to pick up during the following week.

New this year: If you are a new CP enthusiast and this is your first show, you are eligible for a Rookie Award. On the third line of your entry form, print "Rookie." In addition to being eligible for the Rookie Award your entry will be eligible for all other awards and will be judged with the other entries.

For more information on the show categories and a link to the entry form, visit our website:

Vendor Information
Vendor registration and setup is from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM on Saturday. Anyone wishing to sell plants should register in advance. The fee for professional growers is $225 for the first table and $150 for each additional table. Members who's annual income from plant sales totals less than $5,000 will be charged $150 per table.

Club Sales Table
There will be a club sales table for hobbyists with a few plants to sell.  Plants are to be priced by owner with price tags that identify the owner. Initials are okay, but we need to make sure the sales are credited to the correct person. The club will keep 20% of the sales.

Minutes from the Summer 2018 Meeting

Recorded by Rebecca Robinson

The Summer meeting was held at the Rockridge Branch Library, in Oakland, CA on June 30th, 2018.

Old Business:
Last meeting
At the previous meeting we held our first workshop! We focused on the potting and propagation of 6 genera of carnivorous plants.

New Business:
Show and Sale
The BACPS Show And Sale is coming up fast! This year the show and sale will take place over two days and is being held in Santa Rosa.

ICPS Conference
Damon gave an overview on the ICPS conference. We have over 100 registrants so far and the conference will include a tour of California Carnivores.

Future Meetings
We want to start having informal social events along with our standard meetings that are sanctioned, but not organized, by the club. If you have any ideas, know of some fun places to accommodate a social, or want to participate by hosting one, contact the club!

Plant Primp, Prune, and Preparation for ICPS Conference/Carnivorous Plant Show and Sale
Damon gave a talk on entering and judging plants. Everyone should enter lots of plants! He primarily wants to see well cared for plants, no bugs or weeds. Nice pots and moss are a bonus but the main focus is on the plant. Plant entry takes place on Saturday, August 4th from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM. If you are unable to be there at this time you can drop them off at California Carnivores the week before the meeting and they will bring them to the show and sale for you.

Stephen gave a talk about entering your plants including a slide show with examples from previous show and sales. Keep your plants neat, remove any dead leaves and clean off your pots. Everyone should bring in a wide variety of plants! Prizes include gift certificates to California Carnivores. 

Thanks all for sharing!

-Rebecca Robinson, BACPS Secretary

Librarian's Corner

Hello everyone,

The BACPS library is looking for more books! If you are looking to free up some shelf space why not share your gently used books with your fellow club members.
The current BACPS library catalog consists of the following:
  • The Savage Garden Peter D'Amato 1998
  • Growing Carnivorous Plants Barry A. Rice 2006
  • Plant Life on Gunung Kinabalu P. F. Cockburn and Yap Pak Hau 1977
  • Report on the Status of Gulf Coast Carnivorous Plant Populations James M. Miller
  • Many back issues of the Carnivorous Plant Newsletter starting in 1972

If you would like to borrow any of these books or if you are looking for a specific volume of the CPN send your requests to BACPS Librarian.

Happy reading!
BACPS Librarian

Membership Dues

According to the bylaws the dues are $12 per calendar year, prorated at $1 per month. The next opportunity for becoming a member in good standing will be at the June meeting, at which time the dues will be $6. As a reminder only members in good standing have the ability to vote, access to the library, or access to the club sales table or discounted hobby grower tables at the Show and Sale. If you have questions about your membership dues, please see our BACPS Treasurer at the next meeting.

Call for Submissions to the ICPS Newsletter!


The ICPS is seeking submissions to the Carnivorous Plant Newsletter. If you're interested in sharing pieces of writing, images or artwork, contact Bob Ziemer. Also make sure to read the following submission guidelines on the ICPS website. This is a great opportunity to have your favorite carnivorous plant work globally published!


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