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Spring 2018 Newsletter

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Upcoming Events!

  • March 24, Spring Workshop Meeting, Rockridge Branch, Oakland Public Library, 1:00PM - 5:00PM
  • April, Informal Social Event, date and location TBD
  • May, Late Spring Program Meeting, date and location TBD
  • June, Informal Social Event, date and location TBD
  • July, Summer Workshop Program: Plant Primp, Prune, and Preparation for ICPS Conference/Carnivorous Plant Show and Sale, date and location TBD
  • August 3-5, ICPS Conference/Carnivorous Plant Show and Sale, Hyatt Regency Sonoma Wine Country, Santa Rosa, CA

Spring 2018 Program: March 24th, 2018

Date:  Saturday, March 24, 2018
Time: 1pm - 5pm
Location: *Rockridge Branch, Oakland Public Library, 5366 College Ave, Oakland, CA 94618
*2nd Floor Community Meeting Room: Before entering the main lobby, take the stairwell or elevator on the left, up to the 2nd floor, then make a right. There is limited parking for library patrons and staff, so we would like to encourage everyone to carpool, park on the streets, or take public transit (*Rockridge BART station is only a block away). There's also ample non-metered parking in the surrounding neighborhoods and within a pleasant stride from the library.

Program: Spring Workshop: Prune, Propagate and Pot Up!

Need to repot or divide your grip of Cephalotus? We'll be covering Cephalotus, Dionaea, Darlingtonia, Pinguicula, Utricularia, and more over live hands-on, rotating breakout sessions! Feel free to bring along your own plant if you'd like to make more plants from it (and maybe swap with fellow members), or just need help moving it into a bigger pot. This is your opportunity to learn, share, and get your hands dirty with experienced growers!    

We'll also discuss the upcoming ICPS Conference, BACPS 501(c)(3) status, old and new business, and as always, we encourage members to bring their favorite carnivore for conversation, and any extra plants, cuttings, gemmae, or seeds to donate for our fundraising raffle. Some of the plants divided at the workshop will be available in the raffle! We're looking forward to seeing you all again!

Minutes from the Late Winter 2018 Program

Recorded by Daniela Ribbecke, edited by Rebecca Robinson

The Winter Program was held at the Rockridge Branch Library, in Oakland, CA on February 3rd, 2018.
President, Brian Lipinski and Treasurer Pablo Ramudo were present, Secretary Rebecca Robinson was absent. Brian called the meeting to order at 2:40PM. There were 30 members in attendance including 3 new individuals. Brian introduced himself and went over old business before introducing our program speaker, Alexander Young.

Old Business:
Last meeting
Arthur Yin gave a slideshow on his trip to the Seychelles and Madagascar where he saw Drosera, Genlisea, Nepenthes and Utricularia.

The Savage Garden
Brian gave Peter D’Amato a book signed by the club last meeting as a celebration of 20 years of the Savage Garden, Peter says “Thank you!”

New Business:
501(c)(3) Status
Brian has been working to incorporate the club as a 501(c)(3). We have a FEIN and our Articles of Incorporation have been filed with the Secretary of State. The Bay Area Carnivorous Plant Society is now a nonprofit public benefit corporation! There are still a few things that have to be done in the next 90 Days to complete the process. The first is to file a statement of information, register as a charity, and then apply for the federal and state tax exemptions.

Bank Account
Brian and Pablo opened a bank account for the BACPS, this will allow us to have a Square reader at our
meetings to take membership dues.

Pacific Orchid Expo
Alvin Hom spoke about the upcoming Pacific Orchid Expo hosted annually by the SF Orchid Society. The theme this year is [Alice in] Wonderland so lots of colors and displays! The show costs $15 and the SFOS is looking for volunteers to take three hour shifts.

Plant Exchange
Monica spoke about a non-profit called Plant Exchange which takes excess stock from nurseries and donates the plants. Twice a year they have a big plant exchange and the next one is on March 31st. Bring plants and get new ones!

Future Meetings
We want to start having informal social events along with our standard meetings that are sanctioned, but not organized, by the club. If you have any ideas, know of some fun places to accommodate a social, or want to participate by hosting one, contact the club!

ICPS Conference Update
Damon gave an update on the ICPS conference. Getting the BACPS bank account set up is great because it means we can start taking registration for the conference. Damon and Brian visited the space and we have shifted the dinner so that is will be at the hotel due to logistics. The space is large, with wisteria, fountains, and a large outdoor space. The conference cost is $125, the banquet is $75, and the field trip is $1000 which covers food, board, and transport. Spaces are filling up fast for the field trip so register as soon as possible if you are interested in going.

BACPS Show and Sale
The Annual Carnivorous Plant Show and Sale this year will be moved from the Garden Center at Lake Merritt to Santa Rosa in conjunction with the Conference. We will need volunteers for this as well as folks who would like to be on the planning committee. Start thinking about which plants you want to bring and enter them into the show!

Our guest speaker, Alexander Young, gave a presentation on his recent trip to Malaysia, a trip organized by Stewart McPherson.

The first day they went to Klias Peatland, a lowland habitat with multiple species of Nepenthes. They saw N. ampullaria with both red and green coloring. They also spotted a N. bicalcarata with massive leaves, close to two meters across. 

Next, they visited Mount Alab, a highland site around 2000m high. It was very rainy and misty with orchids growing everywhere. They found Nepenthes tentaculata, N. fusca, and N. chaniana. Nepenthes chaniana was mainly trailing on the ground but at one location it was growing up a tree. 

After that site was Mount Trus Madi, they hiked around 2000 ft up to some cabins where they stayed the night before continuing up. Further up they found their first N. lowii, the largest plant was several meters across with enormous leaves. They also found N. trusmadiensis and N. macrophylla at this site.

On the roadside on the way to Mount Kinabalu they found N. mirablis, ampullaria, and gracilis trailing on the ground. The next stop was Mamet Mine where they found N. reinwardtiana with very green pitchers. They also found N. burbidgaea with great coloration and N. tenuis.

Lastly, they made there way up Mount Kinabuka which was challenging to climb! They found N. villosa and N. x kinabaluensis. On the way down they found more N. villosa as well as some Utricularia. They found a single specimen of N. villosa x edwardsiana which had a lot of edwardsiana characteristics.

Show and Brag:
Our first plant was a lovely dark red Cephalotus grown by *Winston. He grows it in a terrarium with high humidity, under LED lights and feeds each pitcher one osmocote pellet. *Emily brought in a beautiful pot of Drosophyllum that originated from California Carnivores that contained both older individuals and younger ones grown from seed. Tina brought in Matt Kaelines book The Sinister Beauty of Carnivorous Plants, a very cool book with many beautiful pictures of carnivorous plants. 

*First time at a BACPS meeting

Pablo started the raffle. We had two Dewy Pine seedlings, a pair of Pacific Orchid show tickets, a Darlingtonia and a Utricularia alpina.

Thanks all for sharing!

-Rebecca Robinson, BACPS Secretary

Minutes from the Winter 2018 Program

By Rebecca Robinson

The Winter Program was held at the Rockridge Branch Library, in Oakland, CA on January 6th, 2018.
President, Brian Lipinski, Treasurer Pablo Ramudo, and Secretary Rebecca Robinson were present.
Brian called the meeting to order at 1:10PM. There was 25 members in attendance including 4 new individuals. Brian introduced himself and went over old business before introducing our program speaker, Arthur Yin.

Old Business:
ICPS and BACPS Show and Sale
Brian talked about the upcoming International Carnivorous Plant Society Conference and BACPS Show and Sale which will be held August 3 – 5 at the Hyatt Regency Sonoma Wine Country in Santa Rosa. We will need volunteers for the show and sale! Last year we had about 50 volunteers and this year the show will be even bigger. Contact Brian if you are interested in volunteering.

Election Results
At the previous meeting Brian was elected president, Pablo as treasurer, and Rebecca as Secretary. We are currently searching for a Vice President.

The Savage Garden
This year is the 20th anniversary of Peter D’Amato’s book “The Savage Garden”, in honor of the anniversary the BACPS got Peter a Superhero book and we all signed a card for Peter to go with the book.
Our guest program speaker, Arthur Yin, gave a presentation on his trip in 20016 to Seychelles and Madagascar. In Seychelles he visited Nepenthes pervillei, one of the most primitive pitcher plants and the only pitcher plant found in the Seychelles. Interestingly, he noted that unlike other pitcher plants, the seeds of N. pervillei lack wings. Next, Arthur spoke about the carnivorous plants located on Madagascar including Drosera madagascariensis, Nepenthes madagascariensis, Genlisea margaretae and 5 species of bladderworts.

Show and Brag:
Gary brought in a beautiful pot full of flowering Pinguicula esseriana, grown under shop lights in high humidity. 

Thanks all for sharing!

-Rebecca Robinson, BACPS Secretary

Librarian's Corner

Hello everyone,

The BACPS library is looking for more books! If you are looking to free up some shelf space why not share your gently used books with your fellow club members.
The current BACPS library catalog consists of the following:
  • The Savage Garden Peter D'Amato 1998
  • Growing Carnivorous Plants Barry A. Rice 2006
  • Plant Life on Gunung Kinabalu P. F. Cockburn and Yap Pak Hau 1977
  • Report on the Status of Gulf Coast Carnivorous Plant Populations James M. Miller
  • Many back issues of the Carnivorous Plant Newsletter starting in 1972

If you would like to borrow any of these books or if you are looking for a specific volume of the CPN send your requests to BACPS Librarian.

Happy reading!
BACPS Librarian

Membership Dues

According to the bylaws the dues are $12 per calendar year, prorated at $1 per month. The next opportunity for becoming a member in good standing will be at the January meeting, at which time the dues will be $12. As a reminder only members in good standing have the ability to vote, access to the library, or access to the club sales table or discounted hobby grower tables at the Show and Sale. If you have questions about your membership dues, please see our BACPS Treasurer at the next meeting.

Call for Submissions to the ICPS Newsletter!


The ICPS is seeking submissions to the Carnivorous Plant Newsletter. If you're interested in sharing pieces of writing, images or artwork, contact Bob Ziemer. Also make sure to read the following submission guidelines on the ICPS website. This is a great opportunity to have your favorite carnivorous plant work globally published!


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