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BACPS Winter Meeting

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  • Winter BACPS Meeting, January 12th, 10:00 am - 1:30 pm, Conservatory of Flowers

BACPS Winter Meeting

Date:  Saturday, January 12th
Time: 10:00 am - 1:30 pm
Location: San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers

Program: History of the Bay Area Carnivorous Plant Society

Join us for a special program at the Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco. We will have the honor of hearing from some of the founding members of the Bay Area Carnivorous Plant Society and pioneers of the carnivorous plant revolution. They will discuss the history of the BACPS including a Q&A session. Speakers on the panel will include: Joe Mazrimas, Larry Logoteta, Peter D'Amato, Chuck Powell, and Carl Wong. This meeting is not to be missed!

For more information on the location visit their website:

We encourage members to bring their favorite carnivorous plants to show off! We look forward to seeing everyone there!

BACPS Show and Sale Wrap up

Annual BACPS Show and Sale Wrap Up and Show Results
By Doris Quick

Show Results: Butterworts (Pinguicula) 26 entries
First Place: Yucca Do - Maggie Chen
Second Place: P. gigantea x agnate - Mark Rubnitz
Third Place: Bowl - Lucas Basulto

Venus Fly Trap (Dionaea): 12 entries
First Place: Ginormous - Elizabeth Sampson
Second Place: Alien Fused Tooth - Maggie Chen
Third Place: B-52 - Maggie Chen

Sundews (Drosera): 25 entries
First Place: Drosera Bowl - Lucas Basulto
Second Place: Drosera Collection - Maggie Chen
Third Place: Drosophyllum - Rebecca Robinson

Asian Pitchers (Nepenthes): 15 entries
First Place: N. glabrata - Billy Owen
Second Place: Unk Hybrid - Stephen Davis
Third Place: N. ampullaria - Maggie Chen

American Pitchers (Sarracenia): 19 entries
First Place: S. Leo Song - Elizabeth Sampson
Second Place: S. burkeii x flava ornate - Doris Quick
Third Place: S. Persian Rug - Jeff Greene

Other Pitcher: 7 entries
First Place: Cephalotus - Gary Dughi
Second Place: Darlingtonia - Elizabeth Sampson
Third Place: Cephalotus - Arthur Yin

Aquatic: 8 entries
First Place: Utricularia gibba - Chuck Rambo
Second Place: Utricularia cornuta - Rebecca Robinson
Third Place: Utricularia chrysantha - Rebecca Robinson

Arrangement: 10 entries
First Place: Dish Garden w/pings. & Utric. - Doris Quick
Second Place: Dish Garden w/Sarr., Drosera, VFT & Utric. - Doris Quick
Third Place: Dish Garden w/Pings & Utric. - Mark Rubnitz

Art Work: 14 entries
First Place: Crochet Nepenthes - Rebecca Robinson
Second Place: Crochet Heliamphora - Rebecca Robinson
Third Place: Chicken Brick - Elizabeth Sampson

Rookie Award: 16 entries
First Place: N. glabrata - Billy Owens
Second Place: D. capensis - Richard Kram
Third Place: D. regia - Emily Abraham

Professional Grower:
First Place: Utricularia alpina - CC 
Second Place: S. Austi - Jerry Addington
Third Place: Heliamphora heteradoxa x minor - Stephen Dill

Best in Show:
First Place: D. Bowl - Lucas Basulto
Second Place: Ping Dish Garden - Doris Quick
Third Place: Our judges did not realize that professionally grown plants aren’t eligible for BIS and awarded one to a professional grower. They corrected the error but I failed to record the resulting change to the Third Place winner. If it is you please let me know.

Geoff Wong Award for Horticultural Excellence:
Drosera Bowl - Lucas Basulto

I admit to having been nervous about doing the show and sale in Santa Rosa this year. Of course it made perfect sense to have it in conjunction with the ICPS Conference, but I was concerned about logistics... folks having trouble getting their entries in on time, folks who weren’t able to attend the conference not wanting to brave the traffic, etc. I missed a lot of sleep and wasted a lot of time worrying for nothing! We had the best selection of plants for the show that we’ve ever had. Every category was well represented. The customers were offered a nice selection of CP’s in every price range and there were lots of great plants for the auctions and raffles.

When we put out the call for volunteers the response from members and non members alike was terrific. We had a number of folks from Southern California who took part in the show and did a lot of volunteering where needed. A lot of California Carnivores customers volunteered, and of course, our members were right there to dig in and do whatever was needed…...plant hotel, member sales, security, etc. Everyone was great about covering shifts for folks who were late or couldn’t make it. Tom Kahl was the man who made everything run smoothly in the show room. From signing the entries in to providing security both days, he had it all handled. Tom Papp took over handling the plants for the raffle and auction table. I didn’t have to concern myself with that at all. Our new emcee was our club President, Pablo Ramudo. He was really good and I can attest to how hard it is to do that job in that noisy sales room. As always, Stephen Davis was there to help this old luddite with publicity and all things computer related. Thanks for being so dependably there for me. We had two photographers; Avery Meijer and Chris Lew. I didn’t realize that Avery had arrived and was taking photos. Thinking he was delayed I asked Chris Lew to fill in. Chris had been taking photos for a while when I realized Avery was indeed there. I am very appreciative of both their efforts.

Chris’ photos can be accessed at: usp=

Avery’s photos are at:

Thank you,

Librarian's Corner

Hello everyone,

The BACPS library is looking for more books! If you are looking to free up some shelf space why not share your gently used books with your fellow club members.
The current BACPS library catalog consists of the following:
  • The Savage Garden Peter D'Amato 1998
  • Growing Carnivorous Plants Barry A. Rice 2006
  • Plant Life on Gunung Kinabalu P. F. Cockburn and Yap Pak Hau 1977
  • Report on the Status of Gulf Coast Carnivorous Plant Populations James M. Miller
  • Many back issues of the Carnivorous Plant Newsletter starting in 1972

If you would like to borrow any of these books or if you are looking for a specific volume of the CPN send your requests to BACPS Librarian.

Happy reading!
BACPS Librarian

Membership Dues

According to the bylaws the dues are $12 per calendar year, prorated at $1 per month. The next opportunity for becoming a member in good standing will be at the Fall meeting, at which time the dues will be $12. As a reminder only members in good standing have the ability to vote, access to the library, or access to the club sales table or discounted hobby grower tables at the Show and Sale. If you have questions about your membership dues, please see our BACPS Treasurer at the next meeting.
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