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BACPS Fall Meeting

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Upcoming Events!

  • Fall BACPS Meeting, November 17th, 10:00 am - 1:30 pm, Conservatory of Flowers

BACPS Fall Meeting

Date:  Saturday, November 17th
Time: 10:00 am - 1:30 pm
Location: San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers

Program: History of the Bay Area Carnivorous Plant Society

Join us for a special program at the Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco. We will have the honor of hearing from some of the founding members of the Bay Area Carnivorous Plant Society and pioneers of the carnivorous plant revolution. They will discuss the history of the BACPS including a Q&A session. Speakers on the panel will include: Joe Mazrimas, Larry Logoteta, Peter D'Amato, Chuck Powell, and Carl Wong. This meeting is not to be missed!

For more information on the location visit their website:

We encourage members to bring their favorite carnivorous plants to show off! We look forward to seeing everyone there!

BACPS Show and Sale - Thank you!

The BACPS Annual Show and Sale was a very special event this year as we scheduled it to coincide with International Carnivorous Plant Society (ICPS) Conference which we co-hosted along with our good friends, California Carnivores.  It was a smashing success.  Our members and guests from other regions and states showed up with beautifully grown plants for the show.  We hosted eleven wonderful vendors in our sales hall that brought such a huge variety of plants and in such great volume that we probably had half the supply of carnivorous plants available for sale in the United States for those two days in Santa Rosa. 

It was really special that so many guests from many different states and from all around the world were able to come to the ICPS conference for three days of presentations on the science of carnivorous plants, photo journals of the varied habitats our plants are found in, and every manner of knowledge in-between.  Our ICPS conference attendees also really added to the fun of our show and sale, bringing their global perspectives in endless conversation with our members.  In short, it was an unparalleled event that surpassed our expectations.  None of this would have been possible without the participation and hard work of a great many people. 
Of course the day would be a big huge mess if not for the donated time of our BACPS volunteers!  Big thanks to Tom Kahl that not only helped during the registration of plants for the show but provided security and answered questions from visitors for the entire two days!  Also thanks to Tom Papp for his help in setting up for the sale and caring for donated plants. Thanks to Paul Bourbin for loaning us the PA system.  Thanks to our two photographers Avery Meijer and Chris Lew.  Thanks to every volunteer that showed up for shifts at the show room, plant hotel, and member sales table - especially those that stayed late and/or worked multiple shifts: Lauren Slott, Shannon Jones, and Victoria Paoloni. Our vendors’ participation each year makes having the show and sale possible from a financial perspective.
Thanks to the Committee that planned and put on the ICPS conference and the Show and sale: The groundwork for both the conference and show and sale was conceived and deftly lead by Damon Collingsworth and Daniela Ribbecke with lots of help from the crew at California Carnivores.  The planning and organizing for most of the activities surrounding the show, including logistics and volunteer assignments (and a great many other things) was flawlessly handled by Doris Quick.  Thanks to Stephen Davis for his hard work on planning and promotion and for his long time on the archives putting together information for the events and administrating the BACPS Facebook page.  Thanks to Gina Morimoto and Arthur Yin for months of hard work putting together an itinerary for and leading the ICPS field trip, including field visits to scope out lodging, restaurants, routes and sites. Thanks to Barry Rice, Beth Salvia, Luke Balsuto, Harry Tryon, Bob Ziemer, and Lauren Paulson as well for helping lead and facilitate the ICPS Field trip.  Thanks to Josh Brown and Devon Peterson for their contributions to planning for the conference. Thanks to Brian Lipinski who put SO MUCH energy and time into reorganizing the BACPS and laying the groundwork for its rebirth as a non-profit organization.  Thanks to Allison Long of the San Diego Carnivorous Plant Society and Daryt Frank from the Los Angeles Carnivorous Plant Society for their contributions to the ICPS planning, poster design and so much more. Thanks to Rebecca Robinson for her work on the BACPS board and help in planning. There are doubtless so many people who spent their time and expertise to pull of such an amazing 3 days that have been omitted that deserve our thanks, I hope to find them and give them a big hug and tell them thanks in person.  In the days after the conference I spent so many days in deep contemplation with a heart overflowing.  Our community has so many shining stars and so many kind hearts, the plants could almost be seen as an afterthought, but what would we have without them? We all come together to enjoy and learn more about their amazing adaptations and their beautiful forms every day. I can't wait for the next show and the next conference to meet with all our friends again.

BACPS Volunteers
Tom Kahl
Nate Whitlow
Joe Mazrimas
Larry Logoteta
Mike Ross
Elizabeth Sampson
Gina Morimoto

Avery Meijer
Chris Lew
Plant Hotel
Larisa Snydal
Bret Cooke
Allison Crisler
Cara Chung
Adam Guap
Kat Cascone
Shannon Jones
Lauren Slott
Zoe Barca
Victoria Paoloni

Show Plant Registration
Tom Kahl
Jessica Ching

Scribe for Judges
Zoe Barca

Club Sales
Michael Kong
Paul Lum
Cara Chung
Curtis Tom

Barsch Tropicals
California Carnivores
Carnivore Culture
Courting Frogs Nursery
Danny and Chuck Powell
Gardner’s Pride Botanicals
Jeff Greene’s Carnivorous Plants
Los Angeles Carnivorous Plant Society
Phil Faulisi
Predatory Plants
Raccoon Ridge


Librarian's Corner

Hello everyone,

The BACPS library is looking for more books! If you are looking to free up some shelf space why not share your gently used books with your fellow club members.
The current BACPS library catalog consists of the following:
  • The Savage Garden Peter D'Amato 1998
  • Growing Carnivorous Plants Barry A. Rice 2006
  • Plant Life on Gunung Kinabalu P. F. Cockburn and Yap Pak Hau 1977
  • Report on the Status of Gulf Coast Carnivorous Plant Populations James M. Miller
  • Many back issues of the Carnivorous Plant Newsletter starting in 1972

If you would like to borrow any of these books or if you are looking for a specific volume of the CPN send your requests to BACPS Librarian.

Happy reading!
BACPS Librarian

Membership Dues

According to the bylaws the dues are $12 per calendar year, prorated at $1 per month. The next opportunity for becoming a member in good standing will be at the Fall meeting, at which time the dues will be $2. As a reminder only members in good standing have the ability to vote, access to the library, or access to the club sales table or discounted hobby grower tables at the Show and Sale. If you have questions about your membership dues, please see our BACPS Treasurer at the next meeting.

Call for Submissions to the ICPS Newsletter!


The ICPS is seeking submissions to the Carnivorous Plant Newsletter. If you're interested in sharing pieces of writing, images or artwork, contact Bob Ziemer. Also make sure to read the following submission guidelines on the ICPS website. This is a great opportunity to have your favorite carnivorous plant work globally published!


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