What's New for the 2015 Season
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Happy Memorial Day!

Stop by this holiday weekend on Saturday, May 23rd, 11-3pm.

We'd like to thank everyone who has had a chance to stop by the museum since our season opening on April 11th. We'd like to welcome you back to another awesome weekend at the museum as we celebrate Memorial Day in remembrance of our fallen heroes. As most of you know the Bellanca Airfield Museum pays homage to Giuseppe M. Bellanca, the godfather of aviation excellence in the first state. Join us as we celebrate the accomplishments of Delaware's finest men and women aviators from days past.

Additionally, as the weather continues to blossom so too does the interior of our beloved hangar. We're looking to make some big changes inside of the museum over the remaining five months of our open season and we're anxious to share this experience with you! Gathering together volunteers and donors to our organization is an ongoing process, so if you know anyone who'd like to join us please send them our way, thank you!

What's New at the Museum?

Branding and Promotional Materials:

In preparation for the new season the branding for the museum has been undergoing a transformation. We're in the process of making some updates for the modern era by polishing up our logo, promotional materials, Facebook page, newsletter and more. We'll keep you updated with changes every step of the way.

New Tri-folds

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The tri-folds, found at the museum, have good information about the history of Bellanca and becoming a member.

Logo Refreshed

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The official logo for our organization in its final, polished form. This will be used on all future projects. It's great!

New Rack Cards

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The rack cards can be found at the museum or in various stores around the area. They show the dates of all open days.

Happenings Around the Museum:

Tall Oaks  students spend a service day at Ballanca Airfield Museum
These students spent a service day by sweeping, cleaning, polishing, moving supplies and listening to a lecture on the History of Aviation in Delaware and the accomplishments of G.M. Bellanca. Besides sitting at the controls of some of the Bellanca airplanes on site (including a Bellanca Cruisair given to the museum by The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum) the students practiced making computer landings of Bellanca airplanes by using a computer simulator. The flight path of airplanes from the airfield took them right over the present site of their school. The school sends at least one class  each year to help at the Museum.
New Pavement
Our parking lot, shared with a neighboring baseball field, is now fully paved and easily accessible for our visitors. We encourage our guests to try and park in the main area near the entrance to the museum although you are free to park anywhere in the lot. There is even a paved walking path leading to the sidewalk along the main roadway for use by cyclists and walkers.

Fan of Bellanca:

1912 Bellanca Monoplane built by fan, Steve Trutschel
Giuseppe Bellanca built his first airplane in America in 1912. It contradicted the popular designs of the day because its engine was in front and its tail was in the back! And, although this is the norm today, at the time people questioned whether it would fly. Bellanca said, "The experts gave me 15 days to live. But this was hopeful for it gave me the impression they thought the machine could get off the ground." His plane was a success and he used it to open a flying school to teach others to fly. Since then several full size replicas have been built and flown. Recently Steve Trutschel of Alexandria, KY built a full size radio controlled model weighing only 125 pounds which made its first flight in 2015, one hundred and three years after Bellanca’s first flight.

Areas that Need Volunteer Support:

Media Room

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Needed: Volunteers
Seeking individuals with a knack for organization. We're making a theater area and research lounge.

Airplane Restoration

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Needed: Volunteers Seeking individuals who have mechanical skills and who can help reassemble these vintage airplanes.

Display Maintenance

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Needed: Volunteers
Seeking creative individuals who can donate time to help restore various display boards.
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