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President Trump might also qualify for the Office of President if he had taken the Article VI, Clause 3, oath “to support this Constitution,” but doing so would have exposed the fraud that is the American presidency. Every president since George Washington has been President of the United States and President of the United States of America, except for Gerald R. Ford, who was never elected POTUSA by the Electoral College.
The latest Post which was just sent out to the Basic and Advanced Course Students is entitled: Why Donald John Trump Doesn’t Have to Be Your President. The Post also explains how Gerald Ford messed up the presidential numbering system and presents pages of information on the Presidents.
The quote below helps explain the United States and the United States of America. The United States is the federal government over federal territory and the United States of America is the Confederacy or the Confederation under the Articles of Confederation of November 15, 1777, as amended by the Constitution of September 17, 1787.

Black's Law Dictionary, 4th Ed. page 740

FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. The system of government administered in a state formed by the union or confederation of several independent or quasi independent states; also the composite state so formed.
In strict usage, there is a distinction between a confederation and a federal government. The former term denotes a league or permanent alliance between several states, each of which is fully sovereign and independent, and each of which retains its full dignity, organization and sovereignty, though yielding to the central authority a controlling power for a few limited purposes, such as external and diplomatic relations. In this case, the component states are the units, with respect to the confederation, and the central government acts upon them, not upon the individual citizens. In a federal government, on the other hand, the allied states form a union, – not,  indeed, to such an extent as to destroy their separate organization or deprive them of quasi sovereignty with respect to the administration of their purely local concerns, but so that the central power is both external and internal, – while the administration of national affairs is directed, and its effects felt, not by the separate states deliberating as units, but by the people of all, in their collective capacity, as citizens of the nation. The distinction is expressed, by the German writers by the use of the two words “Staatenbund” and “Bundestaat,” the former denoting a league or confederation of states, and the latter a federal government, or state formed by means of a league or confederation.

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