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Dear people,

I'm grateful for the changing constellation of you who have turned a school playground into a dance floor and meditation hall this autumn. It's refreshing and fascinating to watch people put down new layers of energy, appreciation, and lived experience in one earthly spot. It feels really good. Thank you sincerely.

My intention is to offer 8 more evening practices, up to the cusp winter, before taking a midwinter break. The last 2021 Thursday night dance is planned for December 16th.

Tonight, a few days before Hallowe'en/Samhain, I'll offer a bit of a party practice. You might like to decorate or dress yourself in a colour, symbol, costume, makeup –– any sign, visible or invisible to others –– that stands for part of you that might be ready to edge out into the twinkly October dark-light and help you let yourself go.

That part of you could be a vague or precise feeling, block, question, or pattern, or a persona, alter-ego, dream, role, or past or future identity. It's only an invitation, but if you feel like invoking a nugget of energy that's in play in your life –– or that you would like to be in play in your life –– you could. Maybe more than one will show up to the party. Goodness knows we've all got more than one iron in the fire.

As Walt Whitman said, 

“Do I contradict myself?
Very well then I contradict myself,
(I am large, I contain multitudes.)”

We all see ourselves, others, and life in many different lights.
Let's be honestly multitudinous.

If you're interested in dressing up to invoke an encounter with self, before you plunge into creativity, take a moment to breathe, listen inwards, feel the ground and your personal compass, and then approach choosing with humility as well as kindness.

As we stand on the doorstep of the darker half of the year, I wish you well. Please take good care of yourself and those around you.

With a warm heart,
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