Details of Hedgerow Harvest's autumn foraging courses.
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Foraging Course News from Hedgerow Harvest

The seasons move on; there are a few signs of autumn about - ripening Blackberries and Rowans, as well as the first flush of fungi thanks to the rain - Chanterelles, Field Mushrooms and others. There is still, however, lots of summer wild food to be enjoyed.

Time on holiday has given a chance to recharge the batteries, go for great walks and have more foraging opportunities than day to day working allows. The best discovery being gingerbread with laver seaweed in! The dried laver was being sold as "Welshman's caviar" on the beach where it has been gathered for hundreds of years.

Gingerbread with laver seaweed.
We have also been busy over the summer with the scheduled courses - seaweed and coastal plants walks as well as summer foraging days. We've had some memorable bespoke courses too including this corporate seashore walk and picnic where we caught a lobster!. There are photos and write-ups on these links. We've attended a few events promoting our courses and it's always good to bump into familiar faces from past courses.

The Hedgerow Harvest web site has had an overhaul and now features a blog. The latest post covers some of the wild foods about at the moment. We have got more into social media and are regularly posting about foraging and our finds on facebook as Hedgerow.Harvest and twitter as @HedgerowForager. Please "Like" or "follow" us if you use these and don't already do so. Thanks very much to those of you that have attended our courses and keep in touch via these channels - we like to hear from you.

We look forward to seeing you this Autumn.

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Guest Blog
We've just produced out third guest blog for our friends at Dorset Tea. The latest one is an introduction to eating seaweed. Length constraints mean it not a comprehensive guide but it gives a flavour. If this whets the appetite join us next year on one of our seaweed walks.

The previous blog posts have been on:
Look out for more in the future.

Seashore Foraging Walk
These are one of our most popular foraging activities. The one on 27 September near Poole in Dorset is the fourth and final run of the year.

The seashore provides exciting foraging opportunities and this site offers a good all round introduction. You will find plants that tolerate the the salty conditions and learn all about seaweed. The hunter gatherer within will emerge as our attention is switched to shellfish - molluscs (like cockles and clams) and crustaceans (crabs, prawns and shrimps) - you never know what we will discover!

You can find more details, see others comments and book places (£40 / head) online.
Fruit and Nut
Our popular Fruit and Nut course gets two runs soon - in Wiltshire near Marlborough (06 September) and in West Dorset (26 September). While many of you will have tried some of the more popular autumn fruit and nuts, we will look at a much wider range of them and their uses. In common with most of our full day foraging courses, it includes the preparation (and eating!) of a three-course wild food-based meal.

Places are available in both locations, they are £80 per person. You can read more, see what previous attendees have said and can book places on the web site.
Fungus Forays and Walks
We offer a full day fungus foray and shorter duration (c. 3 hour) fungus walks. Both are designed for beginners who want to know more about identifying wild mushrooms / fungi. In both options we will emphasise sustainability, safety and legal aspects and fully endorse the Wild Mushroom Pickers Code and Fungi Collectors Code for the New Forest. Our approach is not just to show you lots of species and tell you what they are, but to get you to understand why they are a particular species and how to identify them using simple tools.

There are places available on the full day forays (10 or 11 October) and walks (17 and 25 October - AM and PM sessions). The forays are £80 per person, the walks £40. Details and feedback can be found here.
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