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Kerrie Mengersen to lead Big Data project 


She's joked in the past about jumping on the "Big Data Bandwagon." But now, ACEMS Deputy Director Kerrie Mengersen is going do more than just jump on the bandwagon - she's going to drive it.

The Australian Research Council (ARC) has just awarded Professor Mengersen an Australian Laureate Fellowship, and with it, a $2.4-million grant to study the use of statistics for making decisions in this world of big data.

“Big Data is now seen by almost every organisation as a potential benefit, but also a real challenge, since the big question that goes with big data is ‘now that we have it, what do we do with it?’” said Mengersen. “We have the ability to learn so much from these data, if we only have the tools to crack it open and see the stories it can tell.” 
Read the Full Article on Kerrie Mengersen's Australian Laureate Fellowship
VIDEO: Kerrie Mengersen talks about the attention surrounding big data and what it means for statisticians.


International Workshop on Monte Carlo for Spatial Stochastic Systems


21-23 July 2015
The University of Queensland

ACEMS Workshop on Stochastic Processes and Special Functions
13-14 August 2015
The University of Melbourne

ACEMS Short Course on INLA

31 August - 2 September 2015
QUT, Brisbane

IEEE International Symposium on Big Data Visual Analytics
22-25 September 2015
Hobart, Tasmania
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As part of its upcoming workshop later this month, the ACEMS node at The University of Queensland is sponsoring a contest.

The "Advanced Sampling and Exploration Metlab Competition" is for all students associated with ACEMS, but any interested student or group of students outside the centre can submit as well.  The winner of the competition and the winning ACEMS entry will be announced at the workshop. The winning ACEMS entry (workshop participants included) will receive a $250 award.

The deadline for submissions is 13 July.  For information on how to compete, please click on the link below. 
The ACEMS Annual Report
is now available online:



The Australian Research Council has announced that it has accepted the request to appoint Laureate Professor Peter Taylor to the post of Acting Director for the ARC Centre of Excellence for Mathematical and Statistical Frontiers (ACEMS).

Taylor will fill in for Peter Hall for the remainder of 2015, while Professor Hall is on sick leave.
"We’d all prefer for Peter Hall to be the person who’s leading the Centre, but unfortunately that can’t be true at the moment. Someone has got to step into his shoes and I’m the person who’s got that job," said Professor Taylor.  "I have to admit, I have mixed feelings about that. I was really enjoying the freedom to concentrate just on my research that my Laureate Fellowship has given me. On the other hand, ACEMS is still in the building up stage and having some role in that is quite exciting."

Professor Taylor is an internationally-recognised applied mathematician with The University of Melbourne. The ARC awarded him with a Laureate Fellowship in 2013 for his research in stochastic analysis and modelling.

Taylor is also a Chief Investigator for ACEMS, and is encouraged with what he's seen with the Centre so far in its first year.

"The ARC keeps asking us to make sure that we’re more than just a bunch of people with our own projects," said Prof. Taylor. "We have to build a narrative for the Centre, we have to show things happen because of the Centre which would not have happened if we got our own individual grants. I’m starting to see signs of that."
Congratulations to ACEMS Chief Investigator and Deputy Director Louise Ryan, who recently received a prestigious Harvard University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Centennial Medal.

The medal is an honour given by Harvard's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences to recipients of graduate degrees from the school for their contributions to society.
Read the Full Article from Harvard Magazine on Louise Ryan

ACEMS Co-sponsors a QUT Lecture featuring University of Glasgow Professor, Marian Scott.

The lecture was titled, "The Environmental Data Deluge - Sinking or Swimming."

Before her lecture, she met with ACEMS students at QUT. She stressed to them the importance of their study of statistical research.

"As data certainly begins to claim more of a political and economic agenda," Professor Scott said, "that statisticians have a very important role to play and that we should not be shy about being part of the whole process."

The lecture was co-sponsored by QUT's Institute for Future Environments.
ACEMS - SSAI - UTS Public Event
ACEMS held its first public event last month in Sydney.

Patricia Menendez from The University of Queensland presented a talk entitled: Statistical Methods to Study the Effect of the 2014 Lockout Laws in Sydney

The event was in partnership with the Stats Society of Australia Incorporated (SSAI) – NSW branch and the University of Technology Sydney (UTS).
The event was a big success, with 89 people attending.
QUT's recent advertisements in the Courier Mail's "Q Weekend" magazine, and the Courier Mail's "Queensland Business Monthly" magazine mentions ACEMS' involvement with a project to use drones with shape-recognition technology to estimate the Koala population.

Below is a text of the advertisement:

ACEMS Industry Engagement Officer Greg Lee (pictured on the left) recently attended a Capital Markets Forum hosted by PWC in Sydney.
Read his report:
Read Greg's ACEMS Industry Engagement Report
I recently joined ACEMS as a Research Fellow in the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences at the University of Technology Sydney. 

I would describe my research broadly as applications-driven statistical methodology, ranging from theoretical analysis to computation all the way through to detailed modelling.  
ACEMS, to me, represents a really exciting opportunity to develop effective statistical methodology for important and contemporary applications that have hitherto been considered "too hard” for conventional analyses. For example, with CIs Profs. Jan de Gier (UniMelb) and Matt Wand (UTS) we are attempting to perform principled statistical inference based on sophisticated agent-based models of traffic flow that are currently being developed by a team of ACEMS researchers.
Before joining ACEMS I held a CRiSM Research Fellowship at the University of Warwick, UK. There I developed statistical methodology in the areas of graphical models, causal inference, Monte Carlo, kernel methods, model selection and bioinformatics. Prior to that I completed my PhD in Statistics and Complexity Science at Warwick and the Netherlands Cancer Institute, and going back even further, I obtained my BA Hons in Mathematics at the University of Cambridge, UK. Probably as a result of this formal training, I have a keen interest in trying to bring analytic rigour to the study of complex interacting systems, with recent experience working with models for cancer pathways, neurological signalling and stem cell reprogramming.
If there's any news, events, information, etc. that you would like to share with the ACEMS group, please contact Tim Macuga     07 3138 6741
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