July 4th, Benches and Picnic Tables and LBDrive Intersection.
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July 4th!

Arlington County has a great day planned. For all the details on the day please see the county website at:

Long Bridge Park is getting a playground!  The County Board has approved the contract and construction will begin this summer! The Friends President, Eric Cassel, talked before the County Board in support of the playground. Christer Ahl, representing the Crystal City Civic Association also supported the playground in front of the Board.

For Details see our website.
Benches and Picnic Tables!

The Friends of Long Bridge Park are starting a fundraising campaign to add several Benches to the Esplanade area and some Picnic Tables to the park.  Specifically we hope to add at least two benches to the Esplanade area. These benches would allow people to stop mid-way and sit and look at the scenery. In addition, we hope to get at least one picnic table.  The pads for the tables will be added shortly by the county and all that is needed is the table itself.  We hope to raise over $10,000.  
More information will be in the Fall Newsletter. 
Long Bridge Drive and I-395 Interchange Upgrade

As many of you know the interchange with I-395 is a mess. The county has a project to update, upgrade and improve this interchange.  The county website is here.

Below is one of the concepts. Note it has several important features:
1) A direct way to go Northbound 395 from the Park.
2) A trail connection to Mt Vernon Trail on the west side of 395.
3) It will eliminate an exit and an entrance onto 395.

To provide comments go to the county website here.


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