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Happy New Year, we hope that you have had a good start to 2021. I am thrilled to announce that we have been working with Adjunct Professor Karen-leigh Edward, who joined our team as the acting CEO late last year.

We have a number of exciting opportunities that we will share with you during the year, but for me, this will be my last CEO report. It's incredible to think how far we have come in the last 5 years, and I am so excited for us to be taking things to the next level and to be able to work alongside Karen-leigh. 

In this month's Community Bulletin we look forward to celebrating Her Heart Day on February 14th and hope that you will take the time to start the year with a heart health check.

We have also shared some important findings from our bi-annual women’s heart health survey, and finally, there is an interesting article showing how you can “mirror” the habits of your partner!

Warmest wishes,
Dr Linda Worrall-Carter,
Founder & Director of Her Heart

Her Heart Day - 14th February 

While Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate hearts we love, Her Heart celebrates February 14th as Her Heart Day.

We chose Valentines Day because women are important and we want them to put their heart first. 1 in 3 women will die of heart disease yet it's 80% preventable, so knowing your risk is the first step to a healthy heart.

Book in for your annual heart health check and fill in our checklist to take with you. Click here to download the checklist. 

Celebrate with Heart and donate to Her Heart to help us continue our work to be the "go-to-place' for accurate information on women's heart health. Click here to donate.

More public awareness needed about women and heart disease

In 2019 we asked our community to support us and complete the first Women’s Heart Health Survey.

Over 800 of you responded! There were a number of interesting findings including that over 70% did not know heart disease was the biggest killer of women and over 90% said there wasn’t enough public awareness about women and heart disease.

More information was needed for women about some of the heart health risks such as stress. Read more.

Couple’s mirror each other’s health habits

A recent study in over 5000 people found there were high levels of “shared” habits that existed within couples, these included both eating habits and exercise.

Find out more

Improving women's health

Here at Her Heart, we work hard every day to ensure that all women are empowered to know their risk of heart disease and take the steps they need to lead a healthy and educated life-style.

Empower yourself, visit our website
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