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September 2019

Meet the Researcher

Kenneth C. Carroll, Associate Professor,
New Mexico State University of New Mexico

by Carolina Mijares, NM WRRI Program Manager

Associate Professor Dr. Kenneth C. Carroll began his career at New Mexico State University (NMSU) in March 2013, as an Assistant Professor of Geohydrology and Environmental Science in the Water Science & Management Graduate Degree Program and Department of Plant & Environmental Sciences. Prior to this appointment, he held a research scientist position with the Environmental Systems Group at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). At PNNL he supported subsurface contamination cleanup efforts at the Department of Energy (DOE) Hanford Site, which included applied research for technology development and feasibility/treatability assessments. He supported the development of mass flux measurement and analysis for assessing contamination remediation, which lead to a framework for determining remediation closure criteria for soil vapor extraction. He also conducted research that involved numerical-modeling code comparisons for CO2 sequestration, including both trapping mechanisms and geomechanics for CO2 leakage risk analysis. Dr. Carroll and collaborators invented and developed novel methods to increase production of enhanced geothermal energy.

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ENMU Professor Awarded NM WRRI Faculty Water
Research Grant

by Jeanette Torres, NM WRRI Admin Assistant

Dr. Ivana Mali, Assistant Professor of Wildlife Biology at Eastern New Mexico University, has recently been awarded a 2019 Faculty Water Research Grant on behalf of the New Mexico Water Resources Research Institute (NM WRRI) funded through state appropriations. Dr. Mali will receive funding for this project entitled, Trophic and Dietary Overlap Study between Threatened and Common Riverine turtles in the Southeast New Mexico Using Stable Isotope Analyses.

This opportunity known as “seed money” offers New Mexico university faculty startup funding to perform studies which could provide new insights into water research and allow students to gain necessary field experience. As the project progresses, other funding opportunities may become available and provide substantial support in order to see the project flourish. In Dr. Mali’s study, she hopes to perform necessary research into learning more about a state threatened riverine species known as the Rio Grande cooter (Pseudemys gorzugi), which is currently severely understudied due to its limited habitat and the overall unawareness of the species.

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NM WRRI 64th Annual New Mexico Water Conference
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Dr. Stringam (left) is discussing the main canal instrumentation requirements with Patrick (an EBID instrumentation specialist).

WRRI Funds NMSU Faculty Blair Stringam’s Investigation
of Technology to Optimize Water Delivery and Reduce Water Waste

by Holly Brause, NM WRRI Research Scientist

Dr. Blair Stringam of NMSU’s Plant and Environmental Science Department was awarded a Faculty Water Research Grant for the 2019 -2020 project period. His project is titled, Developing a Practical and Robust Feedback Control System for Open Water Channels to Deliver the Correct Amount
of Water to the Intended User at the Desired Time

Water is a limited resource, so finding ways to reduce water waste is an urgent challenge. Stringam aims to do just that by developing a better system to deliver water through open channel conveyance systems.

Open channel water systems face a number of challenges that can result in delays in water deliveries and water loss. Some of these challenges include variability in supply and demand of water, sediment accumulation, vegetation growth in channels, and inconsistencies in channel dimensions.

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NMSU Student Receives NM WRRI Student Water
Research Grant
by Marcus Gay, NM WRRI Student Program Coordinator

In June 2019, Juliano Penteado de Almeida, a graduate student in the NMSU Department of Civil Engineering, received an NM WRRI Student Water Research Grant entitled, Enhanced Water Recovery and Membrane Scaling Mitigation for Desalination Using Innovative Electromagnetic Field (EMF) and 3D Printed Open Flow Channel Membranes. The award was funded through the cooperative agreement between Reclamation and NMSU, Center for the Development and Use of Alternative Water Supplies. Juliano is working under the guidance of his faculty advisor Dr. Pei Xu, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering at NMSU.

Depletion of fresh water resources, chronic droughts, growing population, and urbanization has increased the need for developing alternative water sources. Desalination of brackish groundwater provides opportunities to enhance water security by converting saline water into drinkable water. Given the growing demand for alternative water sources, there is a pressing need for more effective and less expensive desalination methods.

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Mary Beth Ewing Joins NM WRRI Staff
by Carolina Mijares, NM WRRI Program Manager

Mary Beth Ewing joined the NM WRRI staff this month as an administrative assistant. Mary Beth has over 20 years of administrative experience, and will be a great asset to the NM WRRI. Before joining the institute, Mary Beth worked as a field office administrator for Williams in San Antonio, Texas.

In her role at NM WRRI, Mary Beth will assist the entire staff with scheduling, travel, purchasing, conference planning/coordination, and generally making the Institute's operations run smoothly. Mary Beth said, “I’m very excited to start the next chapter of my life, and I am so fortunate to have found a position at NMSU working with the great group of people at NM WRRI.”

Mary Beth enjoys hiking, reading, and exploring the back roads of New Mexico and Texas. She looks forward to completing the house that she and her husband are building and becoming part of the NMSU community.

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