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Reimagining Success

A New Perspective for 2021

Have you taken a moment to think about what success will look like in 2021? Have your goals changed, or did you just scribble “2021” at the top of last year’s list and call it a day? It is important to establish what needs to be done, what limitations can stand in your way, and how to adapt. Here are some guiding principles that I’m using to kick off the new year and my new perspective:

  • Business is not “as usual,” so it’s time to adapt! If your efforts typically rely on in-person meetings and events, it’s important to craft a new strategy. Incorporate virtual and digital know-how into your toolbelt and you’ll set yourself up for success.
  • "Nothing is particularly hard when you divide it into small jobs." Henry Ford knew how to be productive, and it’s not super complicated, as suggested in his quote. Break up your large projects into smaller, manageable tasks. Abandon the all-or-nothing attitude and get okay with incremental changes and small victories. Once you get some momentum, you’ll be surprised just how much you can achieve. 
  • When it comes to connections, what’s old is new again. Focus for a minute on relationship management and maintenance rather than business development. Now is a good time to reinvigorate contact with existing vendors, customers, and friends. After you’ve re-engaged, develop a way to have two-way communication throughout the year. 

Redefining “success” leaves us poised to really begin to reimagine “what’s next.” Whether we run a business, volunteer for a cause, or manage a household, there are opportunities to pause, pivot, bailout or double down. As we stumble into the new year let’s not forget, we are all experiencing this transition together. This moment in history can teach us a lot if we’re willing to listen.

Read our Director's full editorial here 

Legislative Update


  • Tyron Picard, Founder and Principal, The Picard Group
  • Emily Bacque, Director of Federal Affairs, The Picard Group
  • Hunter Hall, Deputy Director of Federal Affairs, The Picard Group

Experts from The Picard Group will present an overview of the end-of-year pandemic relief passed by Congress, including the second round of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), expansion of the Employee Retention Tax Credit, and grants for shuttered live venues. They will also cover authorizing provisions included in the end-of-year package that provide tax relief for individuals and businesses in declared disaster areas, including the Employee Retention Credit for Disaster Zones. Finally, they will look ahead to shifts in federal leadership and how that might impact future COVID-19 and disaster relief legislation.


Event & Program Highlights

Gueydan Winter Festival

Held on Gueydan City Hall grounds (600 Main Street), the festival will host a day of outdoor fun for the whole family. Join us on January 30th. More info

Value Added Producer Grant

USDA's Added Value Producer Grant can help farmers by expanding their operations, markets and customer base, creating jobs and increasing the producer’s profits. Read more

Economic Development Action Plan

The results are in! Check out our report for a thorough list of activities, across four categories, that our organization carried out in 2020. 
We are excited to start 2021 with fresh ideas and a re-imagining of our best programs and services. View the executive summary for an overview.
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