Winter is a perfect time to gather with a few close friends for a down to earth natural celebration. I share some styling tips with an Australian aesthetic that suit the colder winter months. 
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Winter Season Styling Report

When looking for inspiration for my Winter Season Styling Report I noticed a lot of white, red and green colour palettes. Unless you are going skiing and hanging out in the mountains catching drifts of snow, an Australian Winter won’t resemble those classic Northern Hemisphere Christmas scenes. I’ve chosen instead a more local palette to share, of silvery grey gums, evergreen trees, natural earthy browns and grey wintery skies. 

When I think of a winter party I also think of something small and intimate, a gathering of friends sharing a beautiful meal. The cold weather is perfect for long conversations over a cheese platter, chocolates and a bottle of nice wine. 

'Earth' Bridal Shower Shoot

ELK Prints had the privilege of working alongside some amazing creatives from the Lifes Little Celebrations group in contributing towards this beautiful and inspiring photoshoot for Confetti Fair Magazine. The stylist for this shoot was the lovely Jillian Avramis of The Simple Party and her creative vision was a sophisticated and elegant take on the concept of 'earth'. With a colour palette of greens, greys and sandy whites it is relaxed and natural. 

The notion of "Love is a Journey" inspired much of the theming for this event and it is also a great example of how you can combine two complementary concepts together to style an event - Earth & Journeys. 


For this collaboration I cracked into my calligraphy pens to create the concept page "Love is a Journey" featured in an antique typewriter. Feathers and leaves were a small finishing detail to the table setting enhancing the colours and textures of the event. 

Brown kraft tags with quotes make a simple and effective gift for guests whether its a small vase or jar of warming tea to remember the event.
The naked chocolate cake by Sweets with Love is a perfect choice for a winter party - dark and raw. It makes an enticing and rich counterpoint to the winter cold.
To check out more details of this beautiful party including a full list of credits for the other great businesses involved see the full photo album over here at The Simple Party. 
Photography: Petra Veikkola // planning + design: Michaela of Hey Look

An Australian Winter Table

Inspired by the soft silver green gums, soft wintery greys and eucalyptus greens of the Earth Photoshoot I've looked at other examples of styling that also use this type of gentle colour palette. The subtle qualities of this palette really suits the winter season and showcases the beautiful raw textures of winter greens, timbers and branches. 

To start putting your winter entertaining table together start with by dressing the table with simple natural fibre linens. Muslin cloths, linen napery and raw silks make a great base. Wooden platters and ceramics in natural colours such as ecru also evoke a wintery atmosphere. Scandinavian design is also a good reference point when planning a party as the clean minimalism of Scandi design is a natural reflection of their dominant winter landscape. To style a winter table remember you are trying to evoke the cold temperatures of outside but also the cosy warmth of inside where you and your guests can gather. The tone of pale warm grey as a base is a good choice because it instantly evokes both of these emotions. 
Styling and photography by Hey Look
Rosemary, twigs and twine are all perfect choices for a winter table, herbaceous and natural. I think of scents as such an essential aspect of the winter season. We often combat the onset of colds and flus with healing aromatherapy. Herbal teas are another good antidote to winter chills. Playing on these scents in your dinner party can also enhance the warmth and comfort of your event. 
Photography by Krista A. Jones   Planning and Design by Kruse & Vieira Events
I love the idea of simple catering for a winter event - a spiced tagine or casserole for a main and then platters of cheese and chocolates for dessert. 
Photography by  Sonya Yruel  Event Design by Christina Vo
Old style cottage styling elements also work really well for a winter party - crochet, lace and pewter platters reminiscent of Grandma's house all help evoke a feeling of warmth and comfort and give a cosy homespun touch to an event. 
When styling a party remember that is often the small details that will distinguish the theme of your event clearly. Many of the textures and colours of a party will be the same in different seasons but its those finishing details that clearly define the setting. In this party above the little pinecones wrapped around rose gold cutlery against the white napkins and ice blue plates that give the event its winter style. Little sprigs of an evergreen olive branch, winter cabbages and berries also make for a good floral choice in the winter season. 
Photography by CLAYTON AUSTIN / Styling and Design by TAYLOR LORD
For more formal events held in the wintertime you can continue to use the colours, materials and textures already mentioned. By keeping the lines crisp and introducing black and silver instead of raw rustic timbers you can achieve a sophisticated finish. A mass of evergreen foliage and plenty of candles in the table centre will also add drama.
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