Agera Games Newsletter #2 2020

Wishlist TOSS!🍌 on Steam now! 🐵

We can barely believe this is actually happening.
You can now wishlist TOSS!🍌 on Steam. This is a huge moment for us! 🎉
If you've got a couple of minutes, putting TOSS!🍌 on your wishlist would help us improve the games visibility as well as keep you as updated as you'd like to be on how the development is going. Thank you kindly. ❤

Are you on Oculus Quest? Please stay tuned for further announcements on wishlisting and store availability. Thanks for your patience! 🕊

There's also a Closed Alpha happening right now 🎈

  • Did you miss the Closed Alpha announcement? You can still sign up over at if you're quick about it!
  • The Closed Alpha Weekend is happening right now, from July 17th - 19th
  • For this particular playtest you'll need Steam and a PC connected VR headset. We'll keep you updated on future Oculus Quest playtests!
  • Wanna see people having fun with TOSS!🍌? Join our Discord server - we have gameplay videos, livestreams, contests and a lovely community! ☮

What's TOSS!🍌 anyways?

TOSS!🍌 is a bananas VR climbing platformer where you play as an acrobatic ape with the strength to swing and toss yourself freely between obstacles in challenging playgrounds. 🐒
Learn more at 🍌
Join our Discord to share your thoughts and suggestions 🕊
Follow the development on Reddit, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook 📫

Made with love ♥ 

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  • VR platform availability
  • Playtesting invites
  • Game release
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