There’s still more TOSS!🍌 to be had!

Did you have a chance to play the TOSS!🍌 demo yet? It’s still available until the end of the Steam Winter Game Festival on February 9th. You can download and play it on Steam right now.

To celebrate the demo, we have created a fun community event for everyone to join. We’re bringing back the BANANAS ARE LOOSE!🍌 event from the alpha and will once again scatter ten (10) bananas across all levels. Your objective is to work together as a community to find each and every one of them. 🙉

If the TOSS!🍌 community manages to find all of the hidden bananas, everyone who was part of the event will get an EXCLUSIVE in-game prize unlocked when the full game is released.

Go banana hunting with us!🍌

Join the event here! To participate in the event, you will start off by joining our Discord server and say hi to our amazing community. 👋🐵

If you don’t feel like being part of a community event right now, you can still enjoy TOSS!🍌 at your own peace for a few more days. Just download and play it through the Steam Store page.

BE THE MONKEY, soaring through the air with each toss, twist and turn. Brace yourself for some proper monkeying about in the playgrounds of TOSS!🍌.

Play TOSS!🍌 DEMO at the Steam Game Festival VR - Gameplay Trailer

Are you a content creator looking to make a quick buck with some TOSS!🍌 videos or livestreaming? Great, because that’s allowed! Here is a proper permission in writing for you.

Do you need our branding, key features or screenshots? Check out our presskit and feel free to get in touch with us at

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