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Lake Champlain Committee

March Ripples E-news

Citizens Take Action on Clean Water Day 

On March 17 nearly 200 water quality activists gathered at the Vermont State House in Montpelier to call for strong water quality protections and stable ongoing funding for water projects. Read more...

A Recommitment to Cooperative Management on Lake Champlain

On March 23 Vermont and Quebec recommitted to working jointly on lake management issues. Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin and Quebec Premier Phillippe Couillard signed a Memorandum of Understanding pledging their governments to cooperative lake management. Read more...

LCC Undertakes Invasive Species Control

LCC has received a grant from the Lake Champlain Basin Program to map and manage populations of floating leaved invasive plants, water chestnut and European frog-bit, in the northern portion of Lake Champlain. We will be working in collaboration with Arrowwood Environmental.  Read more...

Manure Happens

In the last few months courts in Washington State and Iowa have ruled that manure can be a pollutant. While many may see these decisions as obvious, manure has more frequently been considered a resource rather than a pollutant. In reality it can be both. Read more...

April Stools' Day

There is no poop fairy. That’s the ingenious marketing message used around the Denver, CO area to nudge irresponsible pet owners to begin taking care of their dogs’ waste. Their public service announcement notes, “"Like the Loch Ness Monster or Bigfoot, the fabled poop fairy has been the stuff of legend. Read more...

Lessons From the Flood – Fix Your Mistakes

Emergency actions alleviate immediate problems but can create long-term vulnerabilities. That happened in Rutland when flooding threatened the cities drinking water supply, but the quick work to protect it created vulnerability to future floods.  Read more...

Nature Note – April Showers and May Flowers?

April showers bring May flowers, or so the proverb goes. April on average is a wetter month than March, though not as wet as May. As sunlight strengthens in spring the air gets warmer, and there is an abundance of moisture in the form of snow and ice ready to evaporate and fall again as rain. Read more...

Spring Cleaning

As the snow banks slowly recede they unveil the last five months’ detritus. From leaves to old newspapers to cans to dog waste to road sand, all of this will end up in the nearest stream without some help. It’s time for spring cleaning. Read more...

Other Lake News from Near and Far

Snowkiting on Lake Champlain

Anyone who has traveled over the Route 2 causeway on a windy winter day has probably seen snowkiters whipping around the glassy frozen lake. Read more...

Blue-green Algae Blooms Proliferating 

Over the last two-hundred years blue-green algae blooms have become more common in lakes across Europe and North America according to a recent research paper coming out of McGill University. Read more...

Eastern Shores Nutrient Woes Exacerbated by Location, Topography

A new report suggest that water pollution problems along the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay will persist for decades. Due to the intense agriculture in the region twice as much nitrogen and phosphorus is applied to lands on the Eastern Shore compared to other parts of the watershed. Read more...

Microbead Bans Signed into Law in New Jersey and Colorado 

In the past month the governors of New Jersey and Colorado signed bills that will ban the sale of products containing microbeads. Read more...

Moving? Changing Email Addresses?

If so, please email us so we can update your files and ensure you receive news on lake issues and LCC’s work. Email is our primary form of communication with members. Mailing electronically saves time and resources and reinforces the stewardship ethic of our mission. We don’t give away or sell email addresses.

Lake Champlain Committee Board of Directors

Gary Kjelleren - Chair (South Hero, VT), Sharon Murray - Treasurer (Bolton, VT), Alan Booth (Plattsburgh, NY), Sandy Montgomery (Montreal, QC), Ann Ruzow Holland (Willsboro, NY), Hank Slauson (Shelburne, VT), Chuck Woessner (Grand Isle, VT).

Lake Champlain Committee Advisory Council

Megan Epler Wood (Burlington, VT), Steven Kellogg (Essex, NY), Peter S. Paine, Jr. (Willsboro, NY), Mary Watzin (NC).

Lake Champlain Committee Staff

Lori Fisher, Executive Director
Alexa Hachigian, Office Manager
Mike Winslow, Staff Scientist

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