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Do I and my business need outside help?

“Why must I put this much work to see the results I want? Didn’t I hire a consultant to take care of this?”

Most of us have heard about consulting projects go wrong and some of us have experienced it first-hand. We have heard consultants poorly chosen or ill-suited. What is going wrong each and every time - and how can you avoid making the mistakes in selecting the right consultant?

Using our own experience and opinions of CEOs, Directors and other Senior Executives, we developed a unique Buying Guide for Consultancy Services.
Do I need an expert to help?

How to generate cash to self-finance your business?

Growing your business? Or looking to fund the ups-and-downs of seasonality? Look no further!

We have developed a very simple process to enable you to self-finance and become independent from banks and financial institutions. If you are profitable and you implement our advice, you will reach that point in 18 months guaranteed! Here is what you need to do.
Process to self-finance your business in 18 months!

Why was BMIM created?

Read a Two minute Interview of Bibi Martin, revealing what makes BMIM different!

(Extract from London Business Magazine)
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