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Bank Accounts

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Editing Why I don’t own a Smart Phone..

  • One of our interns — Samay, authored this piece. 
    On observing that he was the rare part of the millennial clan (he’s all of 20 years old) that didn’t have a life that revolved around their cellphone — we couldn’t but help ask him to pen down his thoughts. 
    Our two cents?
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Ride to Light - Ride to Light Dashboard

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Editing Startup Weekly Snippets:

  • The 5 Steps
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potential meaning in urdu - Google Search

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Choosing the best Growth Model for your team

Team structuring is a crucial task - you are better off figuring it out before actually scaling your team. The article details two different growth structures - independent and functional, helping you place your teams and managers more effectively.

Read to know more about the team anatomy of top players like Uber, Facebook, Pinterest and the likes - bound to help you on your growth path as you build your team.

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UX Design: The 'Button'

While the 'button' seems to be a very basic UI element, it is extremely important. Positions, labels, sizes, shapes, types, and so much more - things to know when designing your product.

This article has facts, tips, and examples which will definitely help you as you build your product - web or mobile. A definite read for you & your design team.

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Creative exercises to get you moving!

As a part of a Yoga programme, our team spent the Sunday Master Class playing games in the playground (dodgeball, football, frisbee, and what not!). Two hours on the field and we'd all forgotten every damned thing eating us up - profession or personal! As grown-ups, we tend to forget the things that keep us sane, and get the creative juices flowing.

Foursquare has been getting teams together on Fridays to play random games - approaching problem solving and creativity, differently.

This is one put-to-action list with games that are really interesting, and should be tried at workplaces. Read this, you'll probably increase productivity, and if not, well, who doesn't love a happy team!

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Secrets to hiring the best people

Hiring *is* a pain, we've said it before, you've felt it before. How to get the perfect guy?! A comedian pens down some really interesting ways to understand the potential employees, and their behaviour.

This article is not just actionable, but comic as well. Read on..

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Equity 101

Equity is definitely a deal-maker or breaker, however you put it, when it comes to retaining hard-working and efficient employees. While most of us have pondered over the thought, not all of us are clear about the options available, as employees, or employers.

This article puts dow definitions, uses, pros, and cons, and everything you need to know about equities. Do not skip this read.

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How Coty Reinvigorated Its Supply Chain

There have been so many examples with poor supply chain management taking down the best of ideas and companies. A typical supply chain management requires assessing an idea, budgeting for a team, figuring the leader, putting down plans, hiring bases on skill-sets so taken from the assessment, followed by the launch, and execution. While this works for some, there a quite a few who have failed, and badly.

In a similar situation, it makes complete sense to re-assess your supply chain. This article helps you figure the two options you have in hand, and which one might work better for your setup. Read on..

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The pitch deck strategy I used to raise $125M in 4 years

Mitchell Harper puts down the recipe for the perfect pitch, which helped him raise $125mn in 4 years - honesty is the best policy, quite literally, with slight polishing here and there. ‘Tell a story, paint a vision, know your metrics and sell, sell, sell..’

8 tips to help you set your game right. This is our read of the week, don’t skip this one.

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Stop Asking Me About Your Personal Brand, and Start Doing Some Work

Vaynerchuk gives the advice of the century - WORK! You might have examples, in your mind, of people who have succeeded in really short times, or with minimum efforts - does not work that way, no! The thing is, *there is no shortcut to success, never was, never will be.*

So while we sit and procrastinate, there's someone out there, working his/her ass off, for that is the need of the hour! Summarized with some simple yet powerful tips, if you really have been slogging your ass working, to make your business flourish.

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9 Essential Ways to Use Scarcity to Increase Sales

Scarcity is one of the oldest marketing strategies. It's been used from antiquity for persuading people to buy stuff from you. How can we all use it effectively in our businesses?

Sumome has the answer, in its inimitably exhaustive style. Kaleigh Moore offers 9 ways to take advantage of the scarcity influence on people's minds, to drive sales for your product. I'm going to try a bunch of these this week!

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7 Successful Entrepreneurs Share Their Company's Big Pivot

They say a founder has to be passionate about her venture. She should be ready to chew through walls to make her startup succeed.

Fair enough, but sometimes you need to face the truth and re-look at your business, instead of being bull-headed and pushing through to certain failure. How do you know when to make this shift?

In this article, 7 entrepreneurs - from wine-making to event hosting and from tampon sales to health advocacy - share how their companies made a big change. Some learnings for all of us, that will come useful if and when our ventures face a critical decision point.

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How To Manage Developers When You're A Non-Tech Founder

Let's say you built a first version of your product without code (see the other link in this newsletter). You then saw incredible traction, so you're now building a much more robust version. You have hired a few developers to do this, but there's no tech co-founder to manage them. What do you do?

This article from Alex Blott (Gigster) offers some great tips. It highlights the difference between tech developers and other employees, and how to manage and motivate them better as a non-tech founder.

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How to Find the Next Big Startup Idea

Paul Graham offers the best solution - solve your own problems. But what if you don't have any major problems? Or if you're so eccentric that no one has the same problems as you?

The simple answer - solve problems that you know other people have. Serial Entrepreneur Nat Turner shares his method here - a process with rapid feedback loops to get from a general space of interest to a robust idea with demonstrated need.

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