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Life Changing Experiences

Year 14 student Ross Allinson is currently Boarding Head Prefect and as his time within Campbell College draws to a close, he reflects on his years spent as a boarder. Ross commented, “When I first arrived in boarding after spending three years in day school, I did not really know what to expect. To the outsider, boarding is a bit like a secret society – unless you have lived in it you wouldn’t understand how it operates. "With 130 boarders from all over the world boarding at Campbell is a multi-cultural family, as Ross explains, “I have realised that it is not so much a secret society as an ever changing family. Not just a family, we are also a team where everyone is a support network for each other.

I look back upon the last four years and realise how much I have changed as a person which I attribute to this strong network around me in boarding. To those thinking of becoming a boarder, I can safely say that it will change your life forever – independence, maturity and strong bonds are all qualities that come out of boarding – and for me I will always be thankful for my years as a boarder.”


Home from Home

Lachlan Kennedy is a Year 13 boarding student at Campbell College in Belfast. Now living in Qatar, his family are originally from Northern Ireland and this link to ‘home’ was an important factor in their decision to send him to board at Campbell.  Six months into boarding life and Lachlan has never looked back.

“The term ‘Boarding School’ brings with it certain stereotypes.  However, once I had a tour of Campbell I realised that my preconceptions were totally misplaced. I was able to get a real feel for the School and realised how boarding would help me to study more, but also allow me to have a great network of friends around me 24/7. It is the best of both worlds.”

“I loved water sports, everything from paddle boarding to kayaking. So I was pleased to see that Campbell had a Kayaking Club which was challenging and enjoyable. I would also describe myself as a rugby enthusiast and have been selected for the Senior XV with the occasional appearance for the 2nd XV.”

Climbing Mount Everest...Almost!

Next up on the Campbell College Boarding to do list - rock climbing! Past pupil and current classroom assistant, Jacob Haddock, is a talented and experienced climber who put our boarders through their paces recently at Boulder World. Ten boarders seized the opportunity to try this exciting sporting craze and now there are three more visits planned. The boys thoroughly enjoyed the experience and are looking forward to their next sessions.

International English

Within Campbell College Boarding Department, teaching English to our international students is vital as our GCSE and A Level classes are all delivered in English. Our International English teacher supports students in learning the language not just in order to gain better exam grades but to encourage greater school involvement and participation generally. 

In Years 11 and 12, our international students study what is known as IGCSE in ESL (International GCSE in English as a Second Language). This qualification is recognised by universities worldwide and only a few Grammar Schools in Northern Ireland offer this. Year 12 Spanish student Roc Camprubi remarked, “IGCSE teaches you how to write articles, summaries, letters and also how to analyse text which is useful for other subjects.” Jeffrey Wong a Year 12 student from Hong Kong, realises the distinct difference in content between GCSE English and International English (IGCSE).  “IGCSE is more suitable for an overseas student as we study global issues such as culture or global warming rather than Shakespeare.” Sebastian Bruegel, a Year 12 student from Germany, added “in Germany we only learned grammar in the classroom but in Campbell we have to speak English everyday – it is great!”

Calvin Leung, Chak Yip and Marcus Fung, all Year 14 students from Hong Kong, have all worked their way through the IELTS course (International English Language Testing System). When they arrived at Campbell College they had limited knowledge of the English Language. To make matters worse, when they learned English in Hong Kong it was a British accent they heard, so the Northern Irish accent added an extra challenge.  Calvin said “International English has helped so much with my education and has given me more confidence to get involved in the College community”.   Marcus and Chak both agreed that the role of International English within the College has helped to break language barriers and allowed them to achieve better grades.  Their International English teacher commented, “The boys have improved so much over the years. They have come a long way, progressing from basic English to becoming proficient users who could easily cope at any English speaking university.”   

Campbell College aim to give their international students the best start and their results are impressive!  Classes however are not just about results, but about having fun, making friends from other countries and learning how to use English in all walks and aspects of life.  

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