June and July

were pretty awesome, frankly.

I wrote 4,872 words in June (down 5,708 from last year) and 10,290 in July (down 1,610 from last year).
But, I had fun and made some real progress on a new project while at San Diego Comic Con. I had the privilege of attending for free, as a professional, and it was an amazing experience!
Being surrounded by people so in love with stories that they voluntarily dressed up in costumes and waited in line for hours was incredibly inspiring.
Latest release!
Featuring "Sublime Architecture for the Proper Devotional Praise of Dagon"
Newsletter exclusive sample:
"Being the odd one out is hard, especially when the group you're excluded from is your own family. Family is supposed to be the one unbreakable bond, the unshakeable foundation. But, as I'm quickly learning as I study under Master Architect Ramsey, foundations are not everything. Sometimes the pillars that look the strongest actually carry the least weight. He's teaching me that strength comes from many different parts of a design, and that there are invisible supports in every room and, as I suspect, in every heart.
This was important to keep in mind as I watched my family change over the last year. Before the great and terrible water god took up residence in our harbor, my family was nice, normal...and honestly sorta boring. But the good kind of boring, where no one ever disappeared or died unexpectedly, or started growing gills and leaving wet patches on the furniture."
Available as an ebook HERE or check out the IoC facebook page HERE
And, as an exclusive heads-up to subscribers,"The Flaming Priest of Dunwhale",
the second installment of my occult detective series, will be free August 10th - 14th.
My silly steampunk novel, "Lightning Lord and the Duplex of Death" will be on sale August 5th - 11th.

Happy Reading!
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